For the utilization of LILA LOVES IT Marketing

hese guidelines include general rules for the usage of LILA LOVES IT advertising material. Compliance of the rules ensures a consistent appearance of LILA LOVES IT.

LILA LOVES IT in texts

If you would like to mention LILA LOVES IT, for example, when presenting products or describing offers in an online shop, please note the following information

  • Always present the brand name LILA LOVES IT in capitals as well as without hyphens, unless it is part of a web address
  • Map the lettering “LILA LOVES IT” in the same font and size as the surrounding content
  • Do not abbreviate the name “LILA LOVES IT”
  • Do not use the logo of LILA LOVES IT instead of the name “LILA LOVES IT”

Color & logo


Coated 874 C


17 36 52 38


The logo of LILA LOVES IT is downloadable in three different variations. There is a version in .svg format for the web or display on screens as well as a version in .eps format for printing.

[download id="3900"][download id="4417"][download id="3908"]

Product photos

We gladly provide you all our products as a PNG file in RGB format. If you need the pictures in other formats, for example for printing, please contact us.

[download id="4213"][download id="4237"][download id="4245"][download id="4339"][download id="4333"][download id="4254"][download id="4260"][download id="4266"][download id="4274"][download id="6524"][download id="4280"][download id="6535"][download id="4326"][download id="4286"][download id="4317"][download id="4298"][download id="4311"][download id="4304"][download id="4293"][download id="4206"]

[download id="7895"][download id="7893"][download id="7891"][download id="7889"][download id="7887"][download id="7884"][download id="7882"][download id="7880"][download id="7878"][download id="7898"]