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Best care for your dog

Our dog care makes an essential contribution to the health of our dogs. Highest quality, care from the beginning and sustainability characterize the dog care line  of LILA LOVES IT.

The combination of traditional knowledge of the best ingredients with the latest scientific findings makes LILA LOVES IT care unique. Each product is an expert in its field, carefully developed and constantly controlled. Because there are no compromises when it comes to the well-being of our dogs.

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Slickerbürste M


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Ohrengel Kombi



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Shampoo sensitive ml


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Certified natural cosmetics for dogs


Without animal testing

ohne Duftstoffe

No artificial fragrances


Regional and sustainable production

What's Special

Specialized on the special needs of dog skin

Due to its high pH value, dog skin places the highest demands on high-quality care products. The products of LILA LOVES IT are exactly adapted to these needs.

Developed by our veterinarians and pharmacists

Every single LILA LOVES IT product is carefully developed by an interdisciplinary team of veterinarians, pharmacists and animal health practitioners. Constant controls and intensive quality assurance lead to highest quality and safety.

No parabens, PEGs and silicones

LILA LOVES IT declares all ingredients openly and transparently – a rarity, since the declaration is voluntary. Parabens, PEGs and silicones are not used in our products.

High quality and innovative ingredients

The effect of the highest quality ingredients from natural medicine and the most modern ingredients come together in the products of LILA LOVES IT. Best quality for best results.

Filled in glass and recycled plastic bottles

Sustainability is crucial for our future. Mindfulness determines the actions around the LILA LOVES IT products.