Besides good nutrition and a loving home, the care of an animals is essential.The extent of care is different from dog to dog and depends on breed, the external appearance, the age of the dog, but also the habits and preferences of the four-legged friend. The fur care for dogs with a long coat, is more time-consuming than the fur care of short-haired ones. Dogs who love to roll in the dirt need more care than the classic couch potatoes and old and sick animals often need more intensive care than our healthy four-legged friends.

The proper care starts with the regular inspection of the coat, the teeth, the paws and the ears as well as the eyes. This makes it possible to determine whether the dog currently needs some extra care. Some rituals such as brushing the fur, brushing teeth, and taking care of the paws should be done as a regular ritual.

In the field of care it is particularly important to pay attention to the quality of the products used.  It is strongly advised not to use products containing aggressive chemical ingredients, or for example petroleum derivatives, such as vaseline or milking fat. Synthetic fragrances and preservatives should also be avoided. The care products of LILA LOVES IT are strictly controlled throughout. Only the best ingredients are used and brought together in unique combinations in the products. This is the reason for the success and the effectiveness of our care products. The products are certified according to the strict natural cosmetics standard of the BDIH with the nps label. A guarantee for pure natural ingredients!

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