“Arctic Sea” Fixed dog collar

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Isartau is a manufactory in Munich where leashes and collars are made with much love and know-how.
The materials used by isartau are usually utilized in the sports climbing and sailing segment and are therefore of high quality in terms of comfort and safety.
Not only are the products highly robust and durable, they also sit comfortably in the hand.
The utilized climbing ropes stand out for their good shock-absorption capacity: they only stretch when strong forces (such as a sudden jerk) act upon them. Consequently, the force does not directly impact the dog’s body but is attenuated by the rope.
Fixed dog collar: A collar which is fixed and not adjustable, which is why it should be perfectly matched to your dog’s neck circumference. The collar’s clasp is a carbine which allows a quick and effortless releasing.

The rope is laid double and sewn on both ends applying a rigging technique used in the seafaring sector.
The leash is adjustable in length since the carbine can hook into one of two rings knotted to the rope at two different positions. This enables you to use it as either a short or a long leash depending on in which ring you hook the carbine into (both knots holding the rings can be moved so you can flexibly determine the two settings yourself).
The leash is 2,00 m long in total. The short setting is set at approx. 1,30 m, the long setting at approx. 1,90. Rope strength: 8mm, overall width: 16mm.
The size designation corresponds to the dog’s neck circumference in centimeters.
Please make sure to follow the instructions for correct measurement.

Machine laundry

Washable at 40 degrees in a laundry bag. Please do not tumble dry, rather use a clothesline.
The integrated brass fittings are made of pure brass which is why (similar to all metals) constant exposure to salt water or salty air may result in a slight green staining.

How to measure properly

Please use a measuring tape

Please make sure to always measure the dog’s neck circumference not the length of another collar! Apply the measuring tape tightly around the dog’s neck without leaving space between the tape and the neck.
The size designation corresponds to the inner circumference of the collar (in centimeters).


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