ACME dog whistle No 210.5

  • Made of BPA-free plastic
  • Clear whistle tone with standardized pitch
  • Frequency stable
  • Long range



Clear, unaltered signals for understandable commands

Who wouldn’t like to have the ultimate whistle sound to call our four-legged friends. But with the ACME dog whistle this is no longer necessary!
The dog whistles send absolutely identical signals in every situation in life in a standardized frequency to which the dog can be conditioned. So you can use several dog whistles without changing the signal.
The dog whistles have a large range even in loud background noise and strong wind.

Not all dog whistles are the same! The ACME dog whistle is made of BPA-free plastic and delivers a consistent, clear sound, which is especially important for conditioning dogs.

Pitch: 210,5
Dimensions: approx. 8 cm length, diameter max. 14 mm

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black, dark brown, mink, pink, purple