Cloud7 RESC7UE photo book Everydaystray

  • High quality charity photo book
  • About the life of the street dogs in Eastern Europe
  • Proceeds go in favor of the street dogs


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This high-quality photo book, developed in close cooperation between Cloud7 and the photographer and animal rights activist Robert Altermoser, documents the life of the street dogs in Eastern Europe who are starving, freezing and fearing for their lives every day. The most expressive images, taken without any dramaturgical exaggeration, have been compiled in this moving, leashbound charity book. All proceeds of this project will be donated to the registered organization EVERYDAYSTRAY, which supports street dogs in Bulgaria.

High quality bound book with hardcover
Support of charitable causes
Photographs by Robert Altermoser
Format:DIN A4
Language: English
Scope: 80 pages