• Set for comprehensive paw care
  • Indispensable especially in winter
  • Cleaning, protection, care
  • Strengthens the paw skin


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All important products for the dog paws in one set

They are the ones without shoes, who go every way with us and never ask where – our dogs!
In order to protect and care for their sensitive paws sufficiently, there is the LILA LOVES IT paw set with a compilation of all important products around the paws of our four-legged friends.

Especially in autumn and winter, when it gets cold and road salt and grit cover the paths, sufficient protection, gentle cleaning as well as intensive care of the dogs paws is of special importance!


In our paw set you have everything you need in one place and save money – because our LAVETTES WASH GLOVES are available for free on Top!


Step 1: If paw hairs grow beyond the pads, which is often the case with longhaired dogs but also with shorthaired dogs, shorten them with our PAW SCISSORS to avoid ice and road salt sticking to them

Step 2: For intensive care or especially for cracks apply our SILVERSPRAY and let it take effect

Step 3: Before the walks, apply our PAW CARE to the paw pads to nourish the skin and protect it from cold and irritation

Step 4: Clean the dog paws after the walk with our LAVETTES and remove dirt, grit and road salt