Dental Care Set


The set for strong teeth and healthy gums

Dental health is very important for the whole organism. To keep our four-legged friends fit, it is therefore very important to stabilize or optimize the mouth flora.
Our mild, enzymatic LILADENT DENTAL CARE, combined with the antibacterial DENTAL MICRO FLEECE effectively cleans teeth, gums and tongue of dogs and cats.

With the help of these two LILA LOVES IT products tartar, plaque, plaque and bad breath can be reduced and dental health can be promoted. In addition, swelling and gum inflammation can be relieved and future irritation can be prevented.

The dental care set should not be missing in any dog household!

Use within 6 months after opening.



Apply a thin layer of LILADENT DENTAL-CARE onto the LILA LOVES IT DENTAL MICRO-FLEECE, then carefully lift your pet’s lips and gently massage teeth and gums. Apply once a week on a prophylactic basis and in case of acute dental plaque or intensive therapy desired, apply up to once daily. It is not necessary to rinse out the oral cavity afterwards. Thanks to its high tolerability, the toothpaste can be swallowed by your pet without any concern.

Slip your index finger into the finger cot while pulling the safety loop over your middle finger. Slightly moisten the tip of the finger cot. Clean all sides of each tooth with light circular movements. Following this, you can then massage the gums and clean the tongue. After each use, rinse with warm water and allow to dry.

Sterilisation (by boiling or microwave/steam sterilisation) is possible.