• For a happy intestine
  • BIO quality made in Germany
  • With turmeric and sea salt


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The ORGANIC CARROT SOUP AFTER MORO + CURCUMA – the secret tip for a happy intestine!

Named after its inventor, Professor Ernst Moro, this unique carrot soup comes from the field of paediatrics, where it has been used for children with diarrhoea. High quality ingredients and the special way of preparing it make this product a gastrointestinal all-rounder. Traditional and healthy organic slowfood with curcuma as a trump card – the star among superfoods.

This carrot soup is cooked for more than two hours, so that so-called oligosaccharides are released from the carrots. These are short-chain sugar molecules that line the intestine in a special way, thus forming a kind of protective layer and supporting it in its regeneration. Thus the intestine can recover fast and effectively and the beloved pet is soon “on its feet” again.

Carrots also contain minerals, trace elements, vitamin A and are rich in fibre.

Our carrot soup is a valuable helper for dogs of all ages. We recommend always keeping a glass in stock, as gastro-intestinal problems do not necessarily adhere to the opening hours of grocery stores. It is a useful companion, especially on holiday.

We strongly recommend to give the soup before the actual feeding. You will find the exact feeding recommendations on the glass.If your pet has long lasting problems, please discuss with your vet a 12-24 hour fasting period.

Facts about Professor Dr. Ernst Moro: He worked as professor of paediatrics at the University of Heidelberg and was head of the Heidelberg Children’s Hospital. Carrot soup had long been established as a household remedy in the population. In 1908, after a long cooking period, Prof. Dr. Moro prescribed carrot soup as soup fort he children. Its use led to a significant reduction in infant mortality from diarrhoea. What exactly is behind this recipe for success was scientifically clarified many decades later.


Content: 485 ml


Composition: Water 55.87 %, carotts* 43.5 %, sea salt 0.3 %,locust bean gum* 0.3 %, curcuma* 0.03 %

*from organic cultivation, DE-ÖKO-006

Analysis: Moisture 95.9 %,Protein < 0.5 %, Fiber 0.7%, Fat <1.0 %,Ash <0.5 %




< 44 lbs : 1/2 – 1 glas/ day

> 44 lbs : 1 – 2 glasses/ day