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Silver spray for irritated and contaminated skin in dogs

Whenever a small wound is not bleeding very much, is not gaping or already festering or a weeping eczema is visible under the coat, silver spray is a proven and popular remedy to support the skin. So, when used regularly, silver spray in combination with aloe vera is an effective aid.
Braune Sprühflasche Desinfektionsspray für Hunde mit Silber auf einem weißen Teppich und hell-braunem Holzboden | LILA LOVES IT "Silberspray für Hunde"

Thanks to its properties, silver in the form of silver spray offers optimal support for the skin in the event of everyday dog incidents. Of course, injuries to your pet must first be shown to the vet. Here, there is no leeway for the layman to decide whether something needs to be stitched or stapled. The non-medical person also lacks experience in disinfecting and otherwise treating wounds. The administration of medication, for example antibiotics and/or painkillers, is often indicated.

When is it useful to use silver spray on dogs?

However, for everything that can be managed through targeted care, there is definitely the possibility of going to work yourself with a silver spray. Events after which this makes sense are, for example, insect bites, wounds from thorns and thorns, cracks from branches that happen, for example, while romping around, but of course also minor confrontations with a cat or another dog.

How to use the silver spray?

If, for example, a wound forms scabs or dried wound secretion has formed at the wound edge, this can lead to itching which your dog then has to endure. SILVER SPRAY is highly recommended for cleaning and care – even in the outer ear, if a parasite or insect has strayed in or a cat’s claw was responsible for a small wound. The practical thing about this spray is that it is particularly easy to apply due to its nature as a pump spray and also spreads perfectly due to its consistency – even in the difficult environment of a dense dog coat. The combination of all the ingredients ensures good regeneration of the affected skin, but also does no harm where no irritation, in whatever form, was to be found. The responsibility to find out what the cause behind eczema is lies with the owner, but so does the understanding of when treatment is beyond one’s competence. Removing a stinger or splinter can be more difficult than expected. If only a small residue remains under the skin, it often becomes badly inflamed – and can even migrate in the body. That’s why you have to think carefully about what you want to do yourself and what is better left to the vet. If you are unsure, simply take the silver spray with you to the vet – he will tell you exactly when and how often you should use it and where nursing support is the best possible help.

And the best part?

In addition to the already mentioned ingredients aloe vera and microsilver, our SILVER SPRAY also contains hyaluron, for example, which is well known from cosmetics. It is found in the highest quality skin care products for humans and, in a perfectly adapted dosage, also in this spray, which is optimally adapted to the required pH range for dogs.

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