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Chewing wood “Woody”

Natural and above all long chewing fun for dogs of all ages. 100% olive wood available in 2 sizes. And best of all: it helps with dog oral hygiene. Mehr ErfahrenRead more
  • Available in two sizes
  • Made in Spain
  • Unpackaged
  • Supports dental care in case of bad breath & tartar
  • Long chewing pleasure

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Kleiner Hund kauf glücklich auf einem Kauholz aus Olivenholz in einem kleinen Ausschnitt | LILA LOVES IT "Kauholz aus Olive"

Bring the stick. An often-heard phrase on many a walk. But be careful: “normal” wooden sticks carry a risk of injury because they splinter easily. Olive wood, on the other hand, shreds and can therefore be eaten and digested by our pets without hesitation. Our olive wood “Woody” provides natural and above all very long chewing fun. Our olive wood chew is also great for your dog’s teeth. It cares for teeth and gums and at the same time strengthens the important chewing muscles and prevents bad breath. Our “Woody” is impregnated with olive oil, so it supplies our dogs with a good portion of minerals and nutrients at the same time.

In addition, this great chew contributes to relaxation and stress management.

Olive wood is a sustainable raw material – we source our “Woody” from Spain in compliance with high ecological and social standards. It is free from artificial additives and is 100% vegan.

As our “Woody” is a purely natural product, splintering cannot be completely ruled out here either, which is why we recommend only providing the chewing wood under supervision.

Ingredients: 100% olive wood from Spain.

Further Informatione

Our olive wood “Woody” is available in two sizes:

Sca. 20 cm60-100g
Mca. 23 cm100-200g

Supervise your dog while chewing and make sure that the chewing stick is appropriate for the size of your dog. Dogs with increased saliva production who chew extensively on the chew stick may leave stains on the floor which cannot be washed out. This is a purely natural product and NOT a machine-made article. Therefore, it is normal that shape, colour, size and weight can vary greatly.

Kauholz für Hunde aus Olivenholz zwischen den Pfoten eines kleinen Hundes auf einer dunklen Stoff-Decke | LILA LOVES IT "Kauholz aus Olive"
  • Körbchenspray für Hunde und Welpen in Glasflasche von Lila loves it


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Raw materials & partners

When developing and manufacturing our products, it is crucial for us that the raw materials are demonstrably effective. Their production and further processing must follow ethical principles. The appreciation of our environment, of all animals and people is our imperative.


Kauholz für Hunde aus Olivenholz diagonal zunehmend auf schwarzem Stoff-Hintergrund | LILA LOVES IT "Kauholz aus Olive"