Dog Whistle "Olive Here"

Beautifully carved dog whistle made of Spanish olive wood. Each whistle is a unique, natural product. A dog training essential. Mehr ErfahrenRead more
  • olive wood
  • made in Spain
  • Premium quality


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The DOG WHISTLE made of precious olive wood is our sustainable answer to shrill plastic whistles and cool metal. The sound of the wooden whistle is pleasantly warm and at the same time audible over long distances. In contrast to calling, the DOG WHISTLE always sounds the same, no matter in which emotional state you are. By training with a whistle, dogs are conditioned to a distinct, reliable signal. An indispensable tool for unambiguous dog-human communication.

Since olive wood is a natural product, each whistle is individually grained and therefore unique. The smooth surface of the wood is tender to hands and lips. A practical leather string adds to the rustic elegance of our beautiful DOG WHISTLE.

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