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Gift Box Chosen Champions

Loved by Lila, chosen by you! The favourite products of our community, combined to a wonderful gift – our CHOSEN CHAMPIONS GIFT BOX. Mehr ErfahrenRead more
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Fellpflege Set für Hunde mit natürlichen Inhaltsstoffen in Glasflaschen

LILA LOVES IT is more than a brand, we are a community. The mutual exchange on Instagram is particularly lively. That’s why Team LILA asked our Instagram community: What are your favourite products?
Et voilà, the absolute favourites of LILA LOVES IT fans are our CHOSEN CHAMPIONS!
The gift box is ideal for anyone who wants to get to know the best of our range. Developed by specialists, celebrated by people and their dogs:
Our PAW CARE replenishes stressed paw pads, the popular and unique SILVER SPRAY cleanses and regenerates scratches and superficial wounds (nano-free!), our SAMPLE SET SHINE & COMB for a silky and healthy dog coat, plus our delicious VEGGIE-GOODIES.





PAW CARE: Before going for a walk, apply Paw Care to the paws and massage in so that the entire pads on the paws are covered and protected.
For minor injuries, apply generously to the affected areas 2-3 times a day.
SILVER SPRAY: After shaking, spray on SILVER SPRAY generously and evenly so that the entire affected area is covered. Apply 1-3 times daily.
SHAMPOO SHINE & COMB can be used very sparingly. After lathering, rinse completely with lukewarm water and gently towel dry your dog.
FUR CURE can either be rinsed out after rubbing into the dog’s hair, which is best when it is still wet, or left in the coat.
VEGGIE GOODIES: Just let them enjoy!

Fellkur für Hunde in kleiner Probengröße in Glasfalsche
  • Geschenkbox für Hunde mit Bürste und Gellpflege

    Gift Box Fancy Fur

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Our Recommendation

A shimmering coat, no rough or stressed skin and then a little fragrance too – just subtle enough that we can still smell it but not annoying to a sensitive dog’s nose – everything you need to achieve this is part of our FANCY FUR GIFT BOX. Including the LILA LOVES IT SHAMPOO SENSITIVE, our INTENSE SILKY & SHINE and the DOUBLE-SIDED DOG BRUSH VEGAN.

Raw materials & partners

In the development and manufacture of our products, it is crucial for us that the raw materials are verifiable effective. Their production and further processing must follow ethical principles. The appreciation of our environment, of all animals and humans is our imperative.

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