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Ear Care Set

The EAR CARE SET is the convenient comprehensive solution for clean and healthy ears. The proven products EAR CLEANSER and EAR GEL are supplemented by the sustainable and hygienic CLEANIES. The 2-step care system for best results and happy ears. Mehr ErfahrenRead more
  • complete solution to care for your dog's ears
  • 2-step care logic
  • ideal as a gift
  • convenient for travel
  • praktisch auf Reisen


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Anwendung Ohr-Reiniger für Hunde mit Cleanies

The EAR CARE SET by LILA LOVES IT combines the high-quality ear care products Ear Cleanser and Ear Gel and with our Cleanies – handy, sustainable cleaning pads. The set makes ear care easier than ever. The complimentary products are meant to be used in combination.
The 2-step system combines cleaning and care. First, the Ear Cleanser provides healthy cleanliness. The Cleanies gently remove and absorb the dirt that the dog has shaken out of her ears. After about 60 minutes, it is time for the second step, the nourishing treatment with the Ear Gel. This product supports long-term recovery and care for sensitive dog ears.

The Ear Cleanser removes dirt with micro silver and lactic acid, completely without alcohol.
The Ear Gel ensures long-term healthy ear canals.
The Cleanies are soft, are washable, and therefore particularly hygienic and sustainable.





In acute cases, apply a little Ear Cleanser into the ear canal 1-2 times a day. Then gently massage the base of the ear from the outside. The dog will shake out the dirt on its own. Then carefully clean the ear with a Cleanie. A deeper cleaning of the ear canal should only be carried out by a vet.For use in the external auditory canal. Shake before use and warm to body temperature.

Our Ear Gel may only be placed in the pinna after cleaning, with an interval of approx. 30 minutes.
For use in the external auditory canal. The Ear Gel should be warm to the body before use. In acute cases, apply 1-3 drops of Ear Gel 1-2 times a day carefully into the pinna with the pipette or apply with a Cleanie. Then gently massage the base of the ear from the outside. A deeper cleaning of the auditory canal should only be carried out by a vet.

After use, the Cleanies can easily be washed at 40°C, in the enclosed cotton bag.

Ohr-Reiniger für Hunde ohne Chemie in Badezimmer
  • Hundeshampoo für sensible Hundehaut in brauner Flasche

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The Cause of Ear Infections

Ear infections in dogs: Not only unpleasant for the beloved four-legged friend, but also for the owner. When a dog constantly shakes his head, scratches his ear, and perhaps even smells disgusting, it can be a stress test for the human-dog relationship.
But what are the causes of ear infections? How are they treated? And most importantly: What can be done to prevent infections from happening in the first place?

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Weißer Hund bekommt Ohr-Reiniger ins Schlapp-Ohr getropft | LILA LOVES IT "Ohr-Reiniger"

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