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Paw Scissors

High-quality special scissors for shortening long hair in the spaces between the pads. Ergonomically shaped for a safe cut. Mehr ErfahrenRead more
  • Made in Germany
  • special cut for precision and safety
  • ergonomically formed
  • stainless steel


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Pfotenschere fur Hundepfoten

Trimming long hair in the area between the paw pads is essential for keeping dog paws healthy. Particularly long-haired dogs often suffer from matted paws. This is not only a cosmetic problem: Felt in the space between the paw pads can lead to painful pressure points and is also an ideal breeding ground for germs. To prevent paw hairs from collecting dirt and water on every walk and eventually sticking together, they should be shortened regularly. A regular haircut is active health protection.

Good scissors are indispensable in dog grooming. They must be of high quality and provide a precise feel when used. Our Paw Scissors from a scissor manufacturer in northern Germany are made of high-quality stainless steel. They fit well in the hand and allow effective trimming of the paw hairs. The innovative micro-serration of the blades prevents the hair from slipping away. This makes grooming fast, precise, and above all safe.

Size: approx. 10.5 cm


Shortening the paw hairs is easiest when the dog is lying relaxed on her side. Gently press the pads apart and carefully trim back the excess hair.

Fellschere für Fell an Hundepfote
  • Pfotenpflege "Pfötchenpflege" für Hunde in Glas verpackt von Lila Loves It

    Paw Care

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Our recommendation

After shortening the paw hairs, the paw pads can be especially well lubricated with our nourishing Paw Care. This strengthens the paw skin and keeps it supple.

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