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FREH FUR Coat Care Set for Dogs

Now perfectly equipped with our unbeatable trio consisting of SHAMPOO SENSITIVE, our FUR SCISSORS with special cut and the LAVETTES wash gloves useful in every situation. Beautifully packaged in our Crafted Paper bag. Mehr ErfahrenRead more
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Kleine braune Flaschen Hunde Fell Pflege auf einem bunt marmorierten Untergrund vor einer beige-orangenen Wand | LILA LOVES IT "Shampoo Sensitive (Klein)"

Our coat care trio “FRESH FUR” is a sensible composition of our popular products for an all-time beautifully groomed coat. Dogs have become family members and live with us in the house and no longer outside in the yard. A regular hygiene routine is not only essential for the health of our furry friends, but also makes life together more pleasant.

The gentle aloe vera juice in our shampoo soothes and cleanses even particularly sensitive skin and gives the coat a new shine. The dog’s skin is moisturised and the mild plant surfactants gently dissolve impurities. Of course, our shampoo is adapted to the dog’s pH value and does not contain any PEGs, silicones or artificial fragrances.

Our exclusive FUR SCISSORS are manufactured in northern Germany. The special grinding allows particularly precise cutting and the rounded tips make the application particularly safe.

And as third in the alliance we have still our valuable everyday aids our LAVETTES wash gloves also packed. From head to paw set on care. That’s what we stand for. No matter whether sticky eyes, dirty ears and paws, or in an emergency with a gastrointestinal upset – the wash gloves are so mild that they are indispensable for a little cleaning in between in everyday life without hesitation.



Shampoo Sensitive: The shampoo is a concentrate and can therefore either be given sparingly directly onto the fur or mixed with water in a ratio of 1:10 in a break-proof container.
In the shower or bathtub, slowly and thoroughly soak the dog’s coat from the paws up.
Make sure that the water is not too warm or that the dog is comfortable with the temperature.
Lather the wet coat well with the diluted shampoo. Avoid the face. Although the shampoo should not sting the eyes, many dogs find it friendlier not to be lathered on the head.
Rinse thoroughly.
Gently towel dry and wrap in a bathrobe if available.
Lavettes: Simply slip your hand into a LAVETTES wash mitt and wipe clean all areas to be cleaned. Clean face only with a fresh wash mitt.
Dispose of used LAVETTES in the residual waste.
Fur Scissors: Use the Fur Scissors to trim hair to the desired length. It enables precise and safe cutting and prevents unpleasant slipping of hair due to micro-serration. The blades are made of stainless steel and two-surface ground to ensure a long life.

  • Eldle Geschenkbox zur Hundepflege speziell für Welpen mit einer Bürste, Hundeshampoo für empfindliche Haut und praktischen Waschhandschuhen | LILA LOVES IT "Welpen-Starter-Set"

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In the development and manufacture of our products, it is crucial for us that the raw materials are proven to work. Their production and further processing must follow ethical principles. The appreciation of our environment, of all animals and humans is our imperative.

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