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Fur Scissors

High-quality scissors for shortening dog coat and hair. Rounded tips guarantee a safe cut. Made in Germany. Mehr ErfahrenRead more
  • Made in Germany
  • special cut for precision and safety
  • ergonomically formed
  • stainless steel


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Fellschere für Hunde

The Fur Scissors are the all-round talent in our scissors range. It’s ergonomic shape adapts perfectly to hands of all sizes. For maximum safety and comfort, the tips are rounded, the blade is curved upwards. The special cut guarantees professional precision.
The scissors are forged from stainless steel and produced by a traditional scissors manufacturer in northern Germany. A long-lasting, high-quality top product for professional grooming at home.

Size: approx. 13.5 cm

  • Hundebürste für langes Hundefell aus nachhaltigem Holz

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Our Recommendation

Regular brushing and grooming are especially important for the health care of dogs with long hair and dense underwool. Our Brush Long Hair glides effortlessly through all coat types. For a brushing routine that feels truly relaxing.

Dog care – The most important tips at a glance

It is best to inform yourself about the topic of dog care even before getting a dog. With most of the problems and resulting errands, purchases and questions, one is then not unprepared as a dog owner confronted, but can be attentive and caring depending on the event perfectly take care of his dog. In addition, it allows to train the respective procedures from the earliest puppy age to the four-legged friend, which significantly increases the acceptance with the dog. An overview of the most important topics is summarized below.


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