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Sample Set Shampoo Shine & Comb and Silky & Shine

As a set for traveling and testing, the SAMPLE SET SHAMPOO SHINE & COMB and TREATMENT SILKY & SHINE comes in handy. Makes also for a cute and thoughtful gift. Mehr ErfahrenRead more
  • perfect for travelling
  • ideal for testing
  • moisturising and replenishing
  • certified organic cosmetics
  • without PEGs, parabens, silicones, mineral oils


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Pröbchenset-Shampoo_Shine & Comb_Fellkur-Silky&Shine im Wohnzimmerambiente

A perfect combination: SHAMPOO SHINE & COMB plus the intense fur treatment SILKY & SHINE offer perfect care and healthy shine. The small 10ml sample bottles fit into any travel luggage. Wrapped in an elegant paper box, the two top-quality products also make for a delightful small gift. Classy LILA LOVES IT.

Shampoo Shine & Comb is one of the leading premium coat care products for dogs. It cleanses effectively and mildly without drying out coat or skin.
The fur treatment Intense Silky & shine is a top product for longhaired dogs, lending silky shine. Knots are dissolved and matting is prevented.

Both products are adapted to the special pH of dog’s skin.





The shampoo is a concentrate and can therefore either be applied sparingly directly to the coat or mixed with water in a shatterproof container in a ratio of 1:10. After lathering, rinse completely with lukewarm water and gently towel dry your dog.

Our Silky & Shine is an intense masque for dog hair, facilitating combing and restoring dull fur to healthy shine. Simply massage into your dog’s damp hair and rinse out like a conditioner – or, when the coat needs some extra nourishment, leave in until the next wash.

Oreo mit der Fellkur Silky & Shine
  • Hundebürste für kurzes Hundefell aus Holz

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Our Recommendation

Our dog brush made of oiled beech wood is ideal for grooming. The natural pig bristles gives medium-length and short coats a silky shine. The coat is not only groomed and dirt removed, but the brush also has a massaging effect on the skin and thus promotes blood circulation.

Good dog shampoo – how to recognise it!

The fact that you should use special dog shampoo for dogs and not simply shampoo for humans – because of the differences in the pH value of the skin – has become common knowledge by now.
But how can dog owners actually tell if a dog shampoo is good or not? What does all the information on the shampoo bottles mean? And is “organic” always better?

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Shampoo_Shine & Comb_Fellkur-Silky&Shine_Shampoo-Sensitive im gelb Ambiente in einem Waschraum mit Olivenseife

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