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Organic Linseed Oil

The health-promoting effect of linseeds, like in our ORGANIC LINSEED OIL was already known in ancient Troy. Mehr ErfahrenRead more
  • gently cold pressed
  • made in Germany
  • over 90 % unsaturated fatty acids
  • rich in omega-3
  • certified organic


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250 ml

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Bio-Leinöl für Hunde von Lila Loves it

Gently cold-pressed LINSEED-OIL (organic) has a nutty taste that dogs truly enjoy. It is exceptionally rich in alpha-linolenic acid, which an essential omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids play a pivotal role in many biological processes of the body, but they cannot be synthesised by the organism itself. The Federal Centre for Nutrition mentions that alpha-linolenic acid is said to have a blood pressure-lowering and anti-inflammatory effect. Linseed oil could therefore contribute to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Due to its high content of essential fatty acids, linseed oil is sensitive to light and heat. We recommend storing it in the refrigerator after opening.

Single Feed

Composition: 100 % linseed oil from controlled organic cultivation DE-ÖKO-006

Feeding Recommendation

Add one tsp per 10 kg body weight per day to the feed.

Bio-Leinöl von Lila Loves it für Hunde

Our Recommendation

Dogs love the nutty flavour of our organic LINSEED-OIL. The oil is perfectly suited for mixing with wet food, for instance the LILA LOVES IT VENISON WITH PARSNIP complete feed.

Essential fatty acids for healthy skin and shiny coat

Shiny, soft dog fur is every dog owner’s wish. While regular brushing and the use of high-quality grooming products contribute to skin and coat health, nutrition is arguably the most important building block.

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Kaltgepresste Bio-Öle für den Hund von Lila Loves it mit Salatschüssel