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Rabbit Ears with Fur

RABBIT EARS WITH FUR are a tasty chewing snack for dogs of all ages. Mehr ErfahrenRead more
  • supports dental care
  • low odour
  • easily digestible
  • single protein
  • high acceptance
  • low in cholesterol
  • promotes relaxation


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Kaninchenohren mit Poppy

RABBIT EARS WITH FUR are an exciting chewing snack that is particularly popular with puppies, smaller, and senior dogs. Fur and cartilage support dental care and provide an extra portion of fibre. In addition, the air-dried rabbit ears are easy to digest, even for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Did you know that chewing can reduce stress and promote relaxation?

Free from preservatives and additives

Single food for dogs, store in a cool and dry place

Composition: 100 % dried rabbit ears, the fur ensures optimal cleansing of the stomach and intestines, among other things. Rabbit ears with fur are also worm-resistant.

Analytical constituents: Crude protein: 65.1 %, Crude oils and fats: 28.6 %, Crude ash: 1.9 %, Residual moisture: 5.1 %

Good to know

Chewing relaxes the jaw and thus demonstrably promotes the reduction of stress! Especially in unfamiliar and unloved situations, chewing snacks support our dogs’ well-being. Whether in the office, in the café or when travelling – responsible people always have a chewing snack on hand for their beloved fur noses.

Depending on the size of the dog, up to 1 piece per day. Please always provide enough fresh drinking water.

Kaninchenohren mit Fell Hundesnack für Hunde
  • Hundeleckerlies für Hunde mit Kaninchenfleisch in schöner Dose

    Rabbit Meat Goodies

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