• Grain free
  • Vegetarian
  • Contains the superfoods buckwheat & spirulina

Amount: 60 g


7,50  / 100 g

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Healthy, delicious, totally trendy and a real eye-catcher when you’re on the go

We dare to do something new, because: Meat being the only genuine dog food has long since ceased to be up-to-date. Veggie is also welcome and hard to believe but true: our VEGGIE GOODIES are just as popular with our favourite paws as the goodies with meat. Buckwheat, carrots, courgettes, spinach, a little bit of cheese and the miracle weapon spirulina on top make our VEGGIE GOODIES a versatile super snack. A perfect training snack or simply a little surprise alongside other meat based alternatives.

As great as the contents are for our dogs, the design of our Goodies tins is just as appealing. A super practical tin that looks really stylish at the same time, fits in any bag and is certain to start a nice conversation or two with other dog lovers.

  • 100% Vegetarian
  • The perfect snack for in between meals
  • Very popular as a reward
  • Stylish design
  • Fits in every handbag

Furthermore, our VEGGIE – GOODIES are grain-free. Instead, they contain buckwheat, which provides high-quality protein and is even known to lower blood sugar levels and blood pressure. Moreover, buckwheat contains silicic acid which ensures a healthy coat.

Complementary feed for dogs – grain-free

Tasty snacks with premium ingredients

Gluten-free pseudocereal that provides high-quality protein and can have a positive effect on the psyche due to its high tryptophan content.

Well-tolerated vegetables that are rich in provitamin A, ß-carotene and contain high amounts of gastrointestinal stabilising pectin.

Potato flakes
Easily digestible carbohydrate source

Pumpkin seed flour/ Potato flour
Gluten-free, high-fibre flour

Easily digestible vegetables

Particularly rich in vitamins and minerals

Hard cheese
Tasty reward for dogs

Vegetable broth
Beneficial nutrient booster

Supports metabolic processes


Ingredients: 30% buckwheat (grains, flour), 20% carrots (dried), 20% potato flakes, pumpkin seed flour, potato flour, 6% fresh courgette, 4% fresh spinach, 1% hard cheese, vegetable stock, spirulina

Analytical ingredients: Raw protein: 13.0 %, crude fat: 4.0%, crude ash: 5.0 %, crude fibre: 5.0%