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Micronized silver – care for irritated skin

Silver has been used in medicine since ancient times. Above all, it is and was valued for its antimicrobial and expectorant properties. The Romans, in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Paracelsus and also Hildegard von Bingen knew how to use this precious substance for all kinds of complaints. That is why we at LILA LOVES IT have decided to use this valuable ingredient in our SILVER SPRAY + ALOE VERA, in our EAR CLEANSER and in our EAR GEL as a cleansing and microflora-optimising substance.
Kleine braune Flasche Shampoo für Hunde auf weißem Stickteppich neben einem Sandstein auf einer flachen Holzschale vor weißen Badezimmer Fliesen | LILA LOVES IT "Silbershampoo"

Traditional and yet modern

Microsilver describes silver in a specific particle size. These are high-purity, elemental silver particles with an average size of approx. 10 µm. The particle size is analysed per batch and shown on the batch certificate. This is the basis for the use of the “Nano-free” logo.

In contrast to colloidal silver, which has a much smaller particle size (approx. 1000 times smaller), i.e. in the nano range, microsilver particles remain on the skin and cannot penetrate the skin.

This is due to the structural composition of the skin. The predominant cells of the top layer of skin (epidermis) are the so-called keratinocytes. These are all closely interconnected and form a protective layer in the skin against external influences. There is very little space between the individual keratinocytes. The distance corresponds to approx. 3-4 nanometres. Penetration into deeper skin layers and thus systemic absorption of the microsilver particles and the silver ions formed into the organism is therefore impossible, as these particles are simply too large to get past the keratinocytes. This has been confirmed by various studies carried out on medical products, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.  Colloidal silver, on the other hand, fits partially past the keratinocytes due to its small size and can thus possibly reach deeper skin layers and from there also further into the organism.

In the LILA LOVES IT products, we use the positive properties of the silver directly at the point of application without running the risk of the particles getting into the organism without knowing what happens to them there.

Elemental silver in itself has no antimicrobial effect but is inert, this means that silver in its elemental form does not form a chemical bond with other substances under normal physical conditions or is not particularly reactive. Only through oxidation reactions are antimicrobial silver ions formed on the surface of the particles. Once applied to the skin, these processes start anew and further effective ions are formed.

This creates the antimicrobial effect on the skin. The skin is thus cleansed and the natural skin barrier can be restored. In addition, it is cared for and supported in its regeneration. Other valuable ingredients such as special oils and plant extracts support the products of the “Silver Series” by LILA LOVES IT in their quality and speciality.