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The recipes of our wet food menus were developed by our in-house veterinarian in collaboration with highly qualified experts in dog nutrition. The basis is formed by regional organic vegetables and meat from ethical animal husbandry. Perfectly dosed nutritional additives guarantee the nutritional supply of adult dogs according to their needs.

Developed by veterinarians

Nature meets High Tech

Made in Germany

Without animal testing

New kermaic bowls from LILA LOVES IT

Now our ceramic bowls come in two stylish new finishes: Midnight Caviar & Vanilla Cream.

They are made exclusively for LILA LOVES IT, in five different colors and two different sizes. Our bowls are very durable, dishwasher safe and do not slip.

100% muscle meat from the horse, nothing else.

Our grain-free pure meat horse dog food is the perfect choice for food-sensitive dogs and customized diet plans. Also as a raw meat alternative (BARF) when traveling.

Must have during winter - PAW CARE

Our Paw PAW CARE makes rough skin supple and resistant. 100% natural oils and waxes protect paw pads from road salt and cold temperatures. Also for the regeneration of recumbent calluses.

Strengthening the joint function

Our food supplement powder JOINT PRO responds to the special needs of dogs with a sensitive musculoskeletal system. The clever combination of herbs such as nettle and rosehip with biological super-active ingredients such as chondroitin and collagen hydrolisate supports the regeneration of stressed joints.

Moro carrot soup

A home remedy with tradition, which is also confirmed by medicine: Carrot soup prepared AFTER MORO is an indispensable helper in diarrheal diseases. The soup soothes the intestines and strengthens the body. Its secret lies in the high quality ingredients, but especially in the special way of preparation.

Winter is coming

What care do dogs need during the change of coat? How can I protect dogs’ paws from road salt? Is it dangerous for dogs to eat snow? In our winter collection you will find practical tips from our veterinarian and a selection of special dog care and nutritional supplements that support the health of dogs during the winter.

Sustainable by nature

Our care is essential because it offers a significant contribution to a holistic dog welfare. Our actions should contribute to a world worth living in for all living beings. That is why we have committed to the UN Global Compact. We measure ourselves against the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) developed by the United Nations.


Dr. Stefanie Mallmann

Brushing dogs – why it is so important

The dog has always been considered man’s best friend. An estimated 500 million dogs live in households worldwide, almost 9 million of them in Germany

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