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Your Dog Advent Calendar 2022

Bring your favorite dog person an extraordinary joy for Christmas: the stylish Advent Calendar from LILA LOVES IT for dogs and dog owners alike!

24 high-quality surprises in a lovingly designed gift collection of dog care, treats, snacks, accessories & more are waiting for you and your dog.

The Essential Pet Care

Our beneficial food and care products are perfectly adapted to the special needs of dogs. Purely natural, no chichi.

Winter is coming ...

Now is the time for dog owners to prepare for the upcoming season in oder to keep walks together fun! Here you will find everything for paw care, clothing, treats, toys, gifts & more.

Cod Fish Treats

Cod fish treats are a particularly aromatic and healthy delicacy. Low in fat, rich in protein and an excellent source of essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. For a healthy coat, tough skin and a joy of life.

Developed by veterinarians

Nature meets High Tech

Made in Germany

Without animal testing

Strengthening the joint function

Our food supplement powder JOINT PRO responds to the special needs of dogs with a sensitive musculoskeletal system. The clever combination of herbs such as nettle and rosehip with biological super-active ingredients such as chondroitin and collagen hydrolisate supports the regeneration of stressed joints.

Sustainable by nature

Our care is essential because it offers a significant contribution to a holistic dog welfare. Our actions should contribute to a world worth living in for all living beings. That is why we have committed to the UN Global Compact. We measure ourselves against the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) developed by the United Nations.

Regional organic dog food

Our veterinarian-developed wet food combines mainly regional organic vegetables with meat from ethical animal husbandry. Perfectly dosed nutritional additives ensure an optimal supply of nutrients. Made in Bavaria.