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FIRST AID OINTMENT is an universal use ointment containing a whole armada of active ingredients designed to fight for furry friends healthy skin. Scratches, scars, eczemas, mosquito bites, allergies are the main indication for FIRST AID OINTMENT – the innovative formula. It supports quickly and effectively the process of regeneration, with the developed formula by pharmacists and veterinarians. FIRST AID OINTMENT meets the same requirements that are placed on medical drugs for humans in terms of quality, ease of use and compatibility. It speaks directly to its quality. The specially selected and formulated natural ingredients combined with innovative medical compounds are what makes the FIRST AID OINTMENT that effective.

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Best ingredients from modern medicine and naturopathy Shop

MICRO SILVERSPRAY is a spray used to treat injuries, wounds and scrapes as well as surgical incisions. Application is made directly on the affected skin area. This treatment is easy and absolutely painless and can be applied to large surface wounds. Following the application the substance is proven to remain on the skin and can function as an antibacterial barrier locally. Micro Silver is only deposited on the skins surface but is not absorbed by the skin.


Best ingredients from modern medicine and naturopathy Shop

PAW CARE protects sensitive paws using the natural strengths of calendula. It stays smooth with beeswax, apricot kernel oil and coconut oil and also protects against potentially damaging environmental effects, such as road salts and grit. Your pet’s paws will become more elastic and moisturized by our high quality oils, making calluses more resilient and safeguarding against injury. However, even if your friend’s paws do get scratched or scraped, PAW CARE will help him heal faster!


Best ingredients from modern medicine and naturopathy Shop

The EAR CLEANSER gently dissolves trapped earwax, reduces itching and eliminates unpleasant odors from the ear canal. In addition the cleanser helps prevent infections along with bacterial and fungus formations. A combination of natural lactic acid, plant surfactants and Rosemary clean the ear both gently and effectively. Micro Silver, Zinc and Lavender have a calming, antiseptic and protective effect. The cleanser can be applied as a preventative treatment or used in more acute cases.

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Best ingredients from modern medicine and naturopathy Shop

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Dog coats are always a topic for themselves. Especially for Lila. Lila has no undercoat. And in case of rain or snow she doesn’t want to leave the house. But she wants to run and play while wearing a coat. Through cloud7’s dog coats this is no problem any longer. They don’t only look elegant, they are waterproof, machine washable and super soft on the inside. We offer eleven different sizes for our tiny, medium and big beloveds.

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Lila loves her soft dog bone made by cloud7. In the Training Bag, during walks and at home: Soft dog bone with funny squeaker inside made of pure wool felt. Fabric: 100% organic Wool Felt Tape: 100% Cotton Care Instructions: 30 degree wool wash Size: 22 cm



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"Only the best for your dog“ - that means our passion to develop new products, to improve our formulas and show innovations. We will not stop finding the perfect products for our beloved pets.

LILA around the world

You can find our products in 30 countries around the world. In Germany we have over 300 specialist retailer who we love to work with. Please click on our interactive map to locate your store.


We pay special attention to the quality and origin of the ingredients we use in our products, as well as how they’re processed. Lavender Oil from Provence, Rose Oil from Bulgaria, and medicinal ingredients from Finland compliment the high quality substances from our region. Our products are processed in a manufacture in Munich under sanitary conditions under the watch of pharmacists.

Animal protection

It goes without saying that we do not support animal testing. All of the pH-independent products, like our FIRST AID Serum, for example, were successfully tested on ourselves.


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NPS-certified and nano-free

As first care line for animals, we have successfully completed the certification for the NPS-Label (Natural Product Standard). Based on the strict standards of BDIH for controlled natural cosmetics for humans, the Natural Product Standard covers all other fields, such as animal care products.  It is therefore guaranteed that all our products are exclusively made from natural ingredients.

Some of our products contain micro silver as an antiseptic component. Micro Silver silver is due to its particle size not skin permeable and does not penetrate into the skin and the organism. Our silver products are nano-free and thus safe to use.



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