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Materials & Packaging

When choosing packaging for care products, snacks and food, we have to consider many things: The materials should be sustainable in production, transport, storage and disposal. They must protect the contents and be stable themselves.

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Brown glass

This packaging material for valuable contents has a long tradition in medicine and pharmacy.
It can be sterilized very well in the filling process. The coloring absorbs ultraviolet radiation and thus protects light-sensitive contents. We use brown glass for our care products and our cold-pressed oils.

Recycled plastic

We have our bottles made from 100% recycled plastic produced regionally by a plastic manufacturer in Bavaria. Through the short transport routes and the use of plastic waste as a starting material, we keep environmental impact as low as possible. For our shampoos and the ANTI-TIQUE spray, we have deliberately chosen plastic bottles. After all, tick protection shouldn’t weigh much, so it can always be with you when you’re on the go. And glass in the shower is simply far too dangerous.

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Sugar cane

The tube of our LILADENT toothpaste is made of sugar cane. This material is also known as bio-plastic. The carbon footprint of sugarcane plastic is only half that of the commonly used polyethylene (PE). Not perfect, but a start. Moreover, sugar cane is a renewable raw material. The tubes can easily be disposed of with the plastic waste and recycled.

Tin cans

Our wet food is packed unbreakably in tin cans. Tin cans have convincing advantages over glass: Tinplate is a very good conductor of heat, so the cooking process of our food requires comparatively little energy. This is because the feed is cooked directly in the cans and thus preserved.

Tinplate also has a low dead weight and is very stable. Weight and stability influence the energy balance of transport. The heavier the cargo, the more fuel is consumed. Glass weighs a lot and has a high breakage rate, which can only be minimized by using a lot of protective packaging material. Tinplate can also be recycled very well, much better than disposable glass.

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Packaging material

To ensure that the ordered products survive shipping undamaged, protective packaging is indispensable. We produce our shipping material ourselves in our warehouse – by shredding used cardboard boxes and outer packaging into small snippets and cardboard snakes.

Recycling by LILA LOVES IT.

We want to continue to improve - any ideas?

The well-being of our earth is honestly close to our hearts. That’s why our search for perfectly sustainable packaging for all products is far from over. We want to constantly improve and learn – and we’d love to hear from you, too! We welcome your questions, ideas, suggestions – the easiest way is to send an e-mail to

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