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Raw materials & partners

In the development and manufacture of our products, it is crucial for us that the raw materials are verifiable effective. Their production and further processing must follow ethical principles. The appreciation of our environment, of all animals and humans is our imperative.

Ausgebreitete Zutaten eines Nassfutters für Hunde bestehend aus Rindfleisch und Löwenzahn auf einem Holzbrett mit Sellerie, Beeren, Birnen, Pastinaken und Gewürzen an denen ein junger Hund neugierig auf einem dunklen Holz Untergrund riecht | LILA LOVES IT "Nassfutter für Hunde aus Rindfleisch"

Local raw materials

The highest possible quality of raw materials is the trademark of LILA LOVES IT. The vegetable ingredients in our care come from controlled organic cultivation, just like the fruit and vegetables in our soups and food tins. The meat for our wet food comes from the region. Either from animals from species-appropriate animal husbandry (duck, chicken, lamb, beef) or from wild animals (game). Brother cocks are also allowed to live with our supplier. Short delivery routes keep animal welfare a little higher and the environmental impact low. 


Fair trade relationships

Close cooperation with regional partners is close to our hearts. Personal contact is the basis for reliability, achieving common goals and strengthening high standards. Fair payment and working conditions are particularly important to us. We do not give discounts to large retail chains in order to strengthen small businesses. We work with social enterprises and focus on slow, organic growth.

Steffi Diem, CEO von LILA LOVES IT, im Gespräch mit der Porzellannapf-Designerin Patsy
Preisschild auf weißem Tisch

Fair prices

Our prices reflect the value of our raw materials, the care of our product development, the quality of production and the fair payment of employees and external partners. Our production volumes are still small and, for reasons of sustainability, we refrain from cheapening overproduction. The honest calculation of our prices is part of our self-image. Because the welfare of animals and nature should not be a luxury.