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Paw Care

The PAW CARE makes rough skin smooth and resilient. 100 % natural oils plus beeswax protect the paw pads from road salt. Also promotes the regeneration of calluses. Mehr ErfahrenRead more
  • absorbs quickly
  • leaves no traces
  • certified natural care
  • 100 % natural ingredients
  • with beeswax
  • calms and protects
  • regenerates calluses


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Our PAW CARE strengthens the paw pads’ resilience and offers extra protection against harsh weather, chemical, and mechanical stimuli. Coconut oil and apricot kernel oil are quickly absorbed and turn rough skin into velvet. The cornea of the paws becomes smooth and elastic, without compromising grip and sturdiness. Beeswax forms a fine protective layer, calendula oil regenerates after strains.

If the protective cornea of the paw pads dries out, it becomes susceptible to injury. Good regreasing can prevent brittle pads and redness of the soft skin between the pads. Preventive care is essential to preclude the development of cracks or even painful wounds. Especially in winter, it is essential to support dog paws with PAW CARE as they are assaulted by snow, ice, rolling grit, and road salt on every walk. City dogs that walk mainly on asphalt, hunting dogs, herding dogs, therapy dogs – in short, all dogs that are on their paws a lot benefit from regular paw care routine all year round.

Use up within 12 months after opening


Cocos Nucifera Oil*

Coconut oil has a melting point of approx. 25°C. At cooler temperatures it is solid, but melts on contact with the skin. Coconut oil penetrates the skin very quickly and has an immediate smoothing and moisturising effect without leaving a greasy film. In addition, it absorbs body heat when melting and thus has a slightly cooling effect - very pleasant for irritated skin. Melting and quick absorption make coconut oil feel very soft and flattering. Furthermore, coconut oil has a slightly deodorising effect due to certain fatty acids that are toxic to some bacteria.

Sorbitan Olivate

Sorbitan Olivate is a vegetable emulsifier made from olive oil. It ensures that skin care products are absorbed quickly and do not feel sticky on the skin. The emulsifier is hypoallergenic, prevents the skin from drying out, and has a nourishing and smoothing effect.

Calendula Officinalis Oil*

Calendula oil is an oily extract (macerate): Calendula seeds are marinated in vegetable oil for several weeks to harvest its lipophilic substances. Calendula is traditionally used to care for irritated skin because its active ingredients soothe, stimulate the generation of new tissue, and carotenoids strengthen the skin against external influences.

Cera Alba

Beeswax adds consistency and forms a delicate, velvety film on the skin that protects it from drying out. In addition to this mechanical protective effect, beeswax contains several hundred substances that have a nourishing and protective effect.

Prunus Armeniaca Kernel Oil*

Apricot kernel oil is a favourite for sensitive skin care. It is quickly absorbed and leaves the skin feeling smooth and nourished. Apricot kernel oil soothes irritated skin and supports its elasticity. The high content of amygdalin provides the oil with a delicate almond scent.


Squalane is a lipid component in the skin’s own hydro-lipid layer, the protective barrier of the skin. Our squalane is derivded from vegetable oils. It ensures that skin care products are absorbed very quickly and leaves the skin feeling velvety soft. The name squalane is derived from squalus, the Latin name for the genus of dogfish. Originally, squalane was made from shark liver.

Hellianthus Annuus Seed Oil

Sunflower oil contains a high amount of unsaturated fatty acids, especially linoleic and oleic acid. It is extremely mild and an excellent carrier oil for active ingredients.


Vitamin E prevents the oxidation of membrane lipids. It is an antioxidant protecting cells. Vitamin E also binds moisture and promotes cell renewal.


Lecithin is a component of the cell membrane of animals and plants. Our lecithin is of 100% plant origin. It acts as an emulsifier, moisturises the skin and supports the skin’s lipid layer.

Ascorbyl Palmitate

Vitamin C palmitate is a vitamin C compound. It supports the renewal of damaged connective tissue and stabilises the skin's protective layer. Also helpful with inflammations.

Lavendula Angustifolia Oil

Lavender oil, the essential oil from lavender flowers, is rich in linalool. Together with more than 2000 other components, it promotes a fast recovery of stressed and irritated skin. In aromatherapy, the typical scent is valued for its calming and harmonising effect.

Rosa Damascena Flower Oil*

Rose oil, the essential oil derived from rose blossoms, contains more than 400 known ingredients. They have a cleansing, regenerating, and vitalising effect. Since ancient times, the essence has been considered the remedy of choice for numerous skin problems.


From controlled organic cultivation.


Apply a thin layer of PAW CARE to each paw pad before the walk and massage in gently. This way, the balm forms a protective layer against weather and mechanical irritations.
After the walk, clean the paws with a soft cloth. An additional wash with lukewarm water may be necessary to remove stubborn dirt or corrosive road salt. Wet paws must be dried, also between the pads. Otherwise you might risk that the skin of the pads will soften invite bacteria and yeast fungi to settle down, causing skin infections. Cleaned and dried, the paw pads and the spaces between the pads can be easily checked for scratches or other injuries.
Brittle and cracked paw pads can be treated with the PAW CARE several times a day if needed. The balm can enfold its soothing power particularly well overnight.

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Our Paw Care also Helps with Calluses

Calluses are hairless areas of thickened skin. They usually occur on elbows and hocks. This is where the skin between the bones and hard surface is subjected to a lot of stress. Calluses are often very wrinkled. Unfortunately, bacteria and yeast fungi feel very comfortable in the folds of the skin. When calluses dry out and crack, the germs can penetrate the skin. Inflammations and painful infections are a frequent consequence. With our PAW CARE, the skin can be made smooth and soft again. If the strain is also reduced, there is a good chance that the calluses will disappear.


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