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Puppy Gift Box

For an all-round successful start in the new home. The best care for gentle puppy skin, stylishly packaged in an elegant gift box. Mehr ErfahrenRead more
  • first dog care essentials
  • gift for new puppy parents
  • elegant packaging
  • certified natural cosmetics
  • sustainable
  • vegan


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Geschenkbox für Welpen mit Shampoo von lila loves it

A puppy is moving in! How much joy and excitement accompany this moment.
Our PUPPY Gift Box contains the three most popular products for the gentle care of small dog babies.
Our SHAMPOO SENSITIVE is specifically formulated for the needs of delicate puppy skin and soft puppy fur. For extra mild cleansing after romping around in the mud.
The PUPPY BRUSH has soft natural bristles and is a gentle companion during puppy’s first coat change. Regular brushing also strengthens the emotional bond between dog and human. Like all our brushes, the PUPPY BRUSH is made from sustainably grown wood in the Black Forest.
The LAVETTES, our unique wet gloves, help you to clean your puppy’s paws, nose, and fur – gently and totally stress-free.
As a special extra, the PUPPY SET also contains an exclusive towel from soft micro-fleece.





SHAMPOO SENSITIVE: The shampoo is a concentrate and can therefore either be applied sparingly directly to the coat or mixed with water in a ratio of 1:10 in a break-proof container.
Soak the dog’s coat slowly and thoroughly from the paws upwards in the shower or bath.
Make sure that the water is not too warm or that the temperature is to the dog’s liking.
Lather the wet coat well with the diluted shampoo. Avoid the face. Even though the shampoo should not sting the eyes, many dogs find it friendlier not to be lathered on the head.
Rinse thoroughly.
Gently towel dry and wrap in a bathrobe if available.
PUPPY BRUSH: Brush the puppy’s coat every day with gentle movements in the direction of coat growth. Make sure the atmosphere is relaxed. If a puppy does not enjoy being brushed, a few strokes are absolutely sufficient. Don’t forget words of praise and treats.
LAVETTES: Simply slip your hand into a LAVETTES wash mitt and wipe clean all areas to be cleaned. Only clean the face with a fresh wash mitt.
Dispose of used LAVETTES in the residual waste.

Geschenkbox für Welpen mit Welpenbürste aus Holz
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