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Brushing dogs – why it is so important

The dog has always been considered man's best friend. An estimated 500 million dogs live in households worldwide, almost 9 million of them in Germany alone. With the increasing popularity of dogs as a sport, play and life companion, dog owners are also focusing more and more on the correct and appropriate grooming of our animal friends. But why is this so important? And what exactly needs to be taken into account during the brushing process and the correct choice of brush?
Nahaufnahme einer hell-braunen Holzbürste mit schwarzen Borsten und Gummiband als Handschlaufe anstelle eines Griff auf dunkel-braunem Kurz-Haar-Fell eines Hundes | LILA LOVES IT "Kurzhaar-Bürste"

Why should I brush my dog regularly?

The reasons why you should pamper your furry darling regularly, i.e. at least once a day with the brush, are extremely varied.
The most obvious reason is also cosmetic and hygienic. Daily treatment with the brush cleans the coat of dirt, fallen hairs and dead skin flakes. This prevents matting and ensures that the animal’s coat appears shiny, healthy and clean. By consistently using the coat brush, you can also save yourself the occasional full bath.

Another very positive effect of brushing, which is also healthy for the dog, is the accompanying massage function that a good dog brush brings with it. By brushing evenly in the direction of hair growth and applying moderate pressure at the same time, the skin is massaged down to the deep layers. The blood circulation is stimulated and cell renewal is promoted. The dog experiences a small daily wellness session, which can only strengthen his well-being.

A third, extremely important reason for the daily use of a dog brush is the emotional and mental bond between man and animal. By the mere act of brushing, you already spend a certain amount of time with your dog and show him that you like him and want to do something good for him. If you make this a daily routine, you give both your pet and yourself a little structure in your life together and the dog has something to look forward to, similar to the walk.

Brushing puppies – it pays to start early!

As many advantages as brushing your dog has later on, getting used to the daily brushing routine can cause some problems in the beginning. Depending on the breed, character, area of use and coat condition of the animal friend, brushing can of course be tugging and unpleasant, especially when it comes to removing knots, lichen, dried mud and matting from the fur. Depending on the patience and obedience of the dog, this sometimes works better and sometimes worse. To save the animal and yourself grief and trouble, you should therefore start getting your dog used to the dog brush as early as possible, i.e. as a puppy. Of course, puppy fluff is not really felty or knotted at the beginning, but it is very sensible to introduce the puppy to the use of the brush in a playful way. In this way, the four-legged housemate learns right from the start that the brush is part of his daily routine and means that his owner takes time for him. As a rule, the dog will be very happy about this. Both owner and dog will quickly get into a routine. Later, when the dog is an adult, he will hold still and patiently participate in lengthy grooming sessions, because he has learned to do so from an early age.

What kind of brushes are there anyway?

If you are looking for a good brush for your pet’s daily coat care, there are of course many options.
Basically, the brush should of course be adapted to the coat of the four-legged friend. Whether it is a short or long coat, a lot of undercoat or puppy coat – the right “tool” can be found for every type of coat. But there are also numerous variants on the market in terms of shape and handling. Here, the owner’s personal preferences usually play the decisive role.

The brand LILA LOVES IT from Ammersee specialises in high-quality brushes for the most diverse needs of furry companions. Manufactured in one of the last brush factories in Germany, the fur care utensils are produced according to the highest quality standards. The raw material used here is beech wood from regional and sustainable forestry – fur care without a guilty conscience towards the environment is thus guaranteed.

The long hair brushes from LILA LOVES IT in a curved form are characterised by a special finish of the brush pad. This prevents the metal/wood pins from slipping into the cushion or being pulled out. This guarantees an optimal brushing experience and easy combing for long dog coats – without any annoying pulling. Dogs with long coats that get dirty often and a lot due to their exterior are thus perfectly equipped to get back the original shine and cleanliness of their beautiful coat in the evening after a long day in the forest or even at work. LILA LOVES IT has also thought of something special for short-haired dogs. The short-haired brush with bristles made of horsehair and brass gives the dog’s coat a healthy shine. Due to the shape of the brush, it fits perfectly in the hand, you have a better feeling for the right pressure and can thus make the best use of the accompanying massage effect.

A brand new addition to the range is the so-called slicker brush or plucking brush. Thanks to the special, rounded metal bristles, the slicker brushes out undercoat and undercoat effectively and without much effort. Dead skin flakes are removed just as effortlessly and painlessly as hair knots and tangles. Used daily, the slicker brush cleans and cares for the dog’s coat and gives it a healthy shine. To ensure that the youngest four-legged friends are not neglected and that they can be accustomed to grooming as early as possible, the LILA LOVES IT range includes an extra soft puppy brush. The sensitive puppy coat is cleaned carefully and gently so that the little darling can enjoy grooming right from the start.
In the end, regular, i.e. daily, brushing of the dog has more than enough advantages. From coat care and hygiene, to bonding and the health aspect, the daily brushing routine is an absolute must for every dog owner and dog lover. The wide variety of dog brushes to choose from makes it easy to select the right brush, tailor it to your dog’s needs and make the regular grooming of your beloved four-legged friend an enjoyable and positive experience for both dog and owner to look forward to.

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