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Organic coconut oil for dogs – Helps against dull coat and more

Zwei aufeinander gestapelte Hälften einer braunen Kokosnuss voller Fruchtfleisch

Coconut oil for skin and coat care

A true all-round talent: Organic COCONUT OIL. Coconut oil can be used to combat coat problems from the inside and outside. Administered with food, it strengthens the structures of the skin from the inside out.
Coconut oil can also be used externally. Simply put a small dose in the hands and massage the coat and of course the skin. The results of this “treatment”, which is actually a totally natural beauty cure, are immediately noticeable. Similar to a hair conditioner, coconut oil supports the combability of longer dog hair, but makes every dog’s coat soft and shiny, regardless of the hair length. At the beginning of the coat care with coconut oil, this procedure may be carried out quietly two to three times a week – afterwards, when beautiful fur only needs to be maintained, once a week is also sufficient.
Even dogs are not immune to dry skin (e.g. due to heating air) or chafed or licked areas. Here, coconut oil can be used directly and also in larger quantities as a soothing agent. It may have to be washed off after a certain period of time and then applied again in a thin layer – until the next intensive treatment. If it is given at the same time as food, the effect is doubled, as the oil is very good for the skin’s protective layer. Coconut oil is a purely natural product that can also be combined with other remedies. If you are unsure, simply ask your vet.

Ticks, mites and flea infestation: defence and antidote

A dog’s life would be wonderful if there were no annoying animals such as fleas, ticks, mites and the like in this world. But unfortunately they do exist, so dog and master have to live with them – but WITH coconut oil much more relaxed than without. If there is not a massive flea infestation, a coat treatment with coconut oil is sufficient to kill the living parasites. “Many fleas” have to be driven out by the vet – but here coconut oil can serve as an additional supportive measure. It kills the animals through the fatty acids it contains by destroying the shell (made of chitin) of the pests. Even before the tick season begins, protection against these animals and their diseases can be intensified – simply by applying oil several times a week.
Coconut oil serves as a preventive, as the smell naturally deters the animals. Coconut oil can also be used for cleaning the ears and thus as a prophylaxis against mite infestation with the help of a soft, lint-free cloth.

Coconut oil supports wound healing

No matter what minor injury a dog has sustained: If wound healing is to be optimised, coconut oil can be applied as a “healing ointment”. Of course, this does not apply to bleeding and large wounds, which must be treated professionally by a vet. However, insect bites, injuries caused by thorns or claws and so on can be treated by oneself. A dry operation scar without staples or stitches can be helped to heal by carefully wetting it with coconut oil.

Dental care made easy

Coconut oil, if not already contained in a dog toothpaste, can be used to support oral health. The oil eliminates bacteria and thus also fights bad breath and serves as a preventative against inflammation of the gums. Simply mix a small amount of oil with your dog’s toothpaste and brush teeth and gums with it, massaging as usual. Read more about brushing your dog’s teeth here.

Health plus: Immune system and joie de vivre

Simply adding a ration of coconut oil to the animal’s food every day does not involve much extra effort or cost. This strengthens the animal’s immune system and, in the best case, illnesses occur much less frequently. This little health plus may save other treatments and medicines.

Strong, healthy joints thanks to coconut oil

An intensive cure with coconut oil can at least be used as a supportive measure to alleviate pain and discomfort in the joints. Again, it is the fatty acids that provide relief from the symptoms of arthrosis and arthritis. To achieve effects, a longer course of treatment must be undertaken here, in which a higher dose is also recommended. “Too much” coconut oil does no harm, but can lead to diarrhoea. About 8-10 ml each per ten kilograms of the dog’s weight should be tolerable and thus also effective. However, the amount should be increased slowly to the final dose and not started directly with the full amount. The gastrointestinal tract must first get used to the additional oil.

Last but not least: Paw Care

Supple and well-groomed skin on the paw pads is very important for dogs – even more so in winter than in summer. After a walk in the sand, gravel, in the forest or even in the snow or on salted paths, clean the paws with warm water and let the skin dry a little. Afterwards, your darling will enjoy the massage on his paws. Our PAW CARE on the basis of coconut oil offers the optimal combination of protection and care.

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The information contained in this veterinary article is for general information purposes only. It does not constitute individualised treatment recommendations for a specific animal. It is strongly recommended that you always discuss and clarify any symptoms or illnesses of your pet with a qualified veterinarian.