It's happening - LILA goes Lifestyle.

More precisely: Lifestyle with dogs.
Following our dog bathrobes that have already given us a taste of dog clothing, we would now like to take a further step in the direction of “living with a dog”. And the theme is “Interior”. Nothing could be more obvious than to focus on a very specific product: the dog bowl. An everyday item, for many dogs a symbol of rewards, joy – and even survival in some cases. Such a totally normal utensil that no kitchen in a household with a dog should be without – inevitably becoming part of the interior design. This is exactly where we come in as we’ve created a porcelain series with patsy-design from Lustenau/Vorarlberg, Austria, consisting of a bowl, tray and mug. Patsy’s products are simple, modern, timeless and believe it or not: seriously sturdy. The dogs like them too: True to the motto: “Your eyes eat with you”


Patricia Grabher-Fenkart, or simply Patsy for short, is a trained Master of Arts. She studied at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna – initially with a focus on product design. During her studies, she was already fascinated by porcelain as a material, which is why she decided to specialise in it. After her studies, however, working with porcelain took a back seat and Patsy successfully worked in textile design for some time. Over time – and especially as Patsy’s daughter slowly grew up – Patsy was finally able to devote herself to her passion again. The production of unique porcelain products. So since 2000, Patsy now has her own studio in Lustenau, right on the Swiss border in beautiful Vorarlberg. When you meet Patsy in her studio, you feel immediately welcome. You can tell that passion has found its home.


LILA LOVES IT Managing Director Stefanie Diem first discovered Patsy’s porcelain while strolling through Dornbirn in a shop and knew immediately: She had to meet Patsy in person. And so, Steffi drove straight to Lustenau with Patsy’s address, which she had previously asked for from the management of the shop, and so, in addition to the “porcelain dog bowls” project, a great friendship between two women who couldn’t be more passionate about their products was born.
Between us: Patsy’s porcelain is so gorgeous and stylish that we would all like to have the complete Patsy range in our homes. So far, however, the front-runner is Stefanie Diem herself: At Diems, food is only served in Patsy dishes.


Our porcelain bowls made by patsy-design have finally arrived at our warehouse. Following a quality check, they will be available in our online shop next week.

And they come in three great colours – Chocolate, Blue Haze & Dusty Rose – as well as two sizes. The bowls are available as a set with an accompanying tray or individually. We have also created a matching mug for Dog-Mums and Dads in each colour. The bowls, trays and cups are very limited for the time being. Each piece is individually made and involves many handmade steps. For this reason, we have decided to number the individual works of art and to value them accordingly.

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