• must-have for dog fans
  • high quality, chic bag
  • regionally and sustainably manufactured in Augsburg
  • made from 100% recycled organic cotton


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The new must-have for all dog fans – THE LILA BEAUTY BAG

We love our new bag. Designed and manufactured in Germany – for all animal lovers and fans of value-added products.

Our bag is manufactured of recycled cotton by manomama in Augsburg a unique textile company in Germany that pays a special attention to ecological and social principles. This company offers job chances to people who do not have them so much at the usual labour market, i.e. long-term unemployed, elderly people, foreigners, single parents or or handicapped persons. These people are very special. They do every small working step with much love.

At manomama, such employees have permanent labour contracts with hourly wages well above the minimum wage. The company’s work models take into account their employees’ personal life situations.

Sustainability is also a matter of course – just like we do at LILA LOVES IT. We, too, place great importance on transparency, fairness and sustainability. We only produce textiles that do not contain harmful chemicals.

These beautiful bags are made in the beautiful city of Augsburg, only 50 kilometers away from us. Augsburg is a town of textile handcraft and industry with a centuries-long tradition. By the way, in Augsburg the worldwide oldest social housing settlement is situated. Since 1521, the special spirit of the “social-market economy” has been living in this city.

Our bags are made of recycled cotton. In order to use the resulting residues of GOTS-certified organic cotton (GOTS = Global Organic Textile Standard) in a meaningful way, they are re-processed to fibres that are then re-treated and re-spun.

Production of recycled cotton is expensive and time-consuming, but it’s worth this time and money because it saves natural resources and water. For a kilo of cotton, you need about 10,000 litres of water.

manomama is the only company worldwide, which uses this transparent organic cotton recycling production process. In 2016 it was awarded with the B.A.U.M.prize (German Association  for Environmental Management).

Dimensions: 26,60 x 13,50 cm