The PUPPY SET by LILA LOVES IT – the basic equipment for small four-legged friends, beautifully packaged in an elegant gift box. A great gift for all puppy owners!


Our PUPPY SET – Perfect Care from the very start

There isn`t anything sweeter then a puppy. Playing and discovering the world all day means to get in contact with water, soil and earth. Muddy paws and sandy fure are often seen as we know. That`s why we got the LILA LOVES IT PUPPY SET, it helps to take care of your puppy the best way every day!

The SHAMPOO SENSITIV is the perfect partner for young skin and fure. The handcrafted PUPPY BRUSH (made with love in the black forest) cleans gently and is also a massage tool. Also included are our wonderful LAVETTES, which is the best cleaning-partner on the run and there is also a branded MICROFLEECE TOWEL to dry and clean sure and paws, easy to use and easy to wash.

The LILA LOVES IT PUPPY SET is a wonderful present für every puppy and puppy owner! Functional, high quality and nice looking, a perfect LILA LOVES IT item.