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Double-Sided Dog Brush Vegan

2 in 1. Rounded metal tines detangle long hair, natural pig bristles care for short fur. Skin, connective tissue, and muscles are gently massaged. Made in the Black Forest. Mehr ErfahrenRead more
  • vegan natural bristles
  • beech wood
  • traditional handicraft
  • sustainable forestry


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Holzbürste mit Griff und veganen Borsten mittig vor einem grauen Hintergrund

Our DOUBLE-SIDED DOG BRUSH VEGAN made of oiled beech wood is optimally suited for grooming different types of coats with its two different sides: The rounded metal pins glide effortlessly through long, thick hair and untangle knots without pulling. Vegan agave bristles reliably remove dust and lend shine to coats of all lengths.
Meticulous coat care is essential, especially during shedding season and when there is increased exposure to pollen and fine dust. The brush comes with a cord for convenient storage on the coat rack. This way it is immediately at hand for quick cleaning after a walk.
Thanks to high-quality materials and the best workmanship, the DOUBLE-SIDED DOG BRUSH VEGAN can withstand even heavy use. The LILA LOVES IT brush collection is exclusively produced by a traditional brush manufacturer in southern Germany. The family business has been designing and producing high-quality brushes for over 150 years. And just like LILA LOVES IT, it relies on the fruitful combination of proven knowledge and state-of-the-art technology, conscious design and sustainability.


Brush the coat with gentle pressure in the direction of coat growth, weekly or daily depending on the dog’s needs. Preferably in a relaxed setting.

Holzbürste mit Griff und veganen Borsten rechtsbündig vor einem grauen Hintergrund
  • Fellspray für Hunde mit langem Fell mit Pumpaufsatz ohne Chemie

    Anti-Tangling Spray

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Our recommendation

Our ANTI-TANGLING SPRAY prepares dense, curly coats for combing thanks to aloe vera and precious plant oils. Brittle hair is moisturised deeply, the dog’s skin is nourished and strengthened. Recommended by people with poodles and other longhaired dogs.

Regular Brushing: Ritual for Health and Emotional Bonding

The reasons why you should regularly pamper dogs with a brush are manifold. Brushing removes dirt, increases circulation, and strengthens the emotional bond between human and dog.


Milo mit Bürste Kurzhaar auf dem hellen Hyggebed

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