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Washable pads are the sustainable alternative to disposable cotton wool. Fluffy, durable and indispensable in environmentally conscious dog grooming. Mehr ErfahrenRead more
  • reusable
  • durable
  • sustainable
  • hygienic
  • soft


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Augenpflege beim Hund mit Cleanies von Lila Loves it

A smart eye and ear care routine is essential for the health of many dogs. Cotton pads or paper handkerchiefs are often the product of choice for removing dirt and applying care products. Practical, but anything but sustainable.

Our CLEANIES, made of a super-fluffy bamboo viscose, are softer than cotton and washable at 40°C. They absorb skin care very well without soaking up too much product. Using the right amount has never been easier. The material is smooth enough for irritated skin, and the flap on the back guarantees easy handling.

Washing instructions

Wash the CLEANIES after each use by hand with a little soap or in the enclosed cotton bag in the washing machine at 40°C. Do not use fabric softener. Air dry.

For hygienic cleanliness, pour boiling water over the Cleanies from time to time and hang them up to dry after 10 minutes.

Nachhaltige Cleanies zur Hundepflege von Lila Loves it

Our recommendation

The Ear Care Set contains our Cleanies as well as the Ear Cleanser and Ear Gel. The set thus contains everything that stressed dog ears need for regeneration.

Materials & Packaging

When choosing containers for care products, snacks and food, we have to consider many things: The materials should be sustainable in production, transport, storage and disposal. They must protect the contents and be stable themselves.

Verschiedenen Hunde-Pflege-Produkte in weißen Körbchen auf Holzoberfläche mit weißen Blumenblüten

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