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Gift Box Fancy Fur

Our premium care trio for a healthy and shiny coat. The Shampoo Sensitive, the fur treatment Intense Silky & Shine plus the Double-Sided Dog Brush Vegan ensure an all-round successful grooming ritual. Naturally without PEGs, parabens, silicones. Mehr ErfahrenRead more
  • complete coat care
  • shampoo
  • coat treatment
  • double-sided brush


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Shampoo Sensitive für sensible Hunde ohne Chemie

One wash-groom-brush, please!
A shiny coat, nourished skin, plus a hint of relaxing lavender scent: our FANCY FUR gift box offers everything you need for a dog-friendly, relaxing coat care routine.

Our minimalist Shampoo Sensitive is a mild cleanse and already suitable for puppies. The coat treatment Intense Silky & Shine makes long hair and thick coats wonderfully soft, thanks to aloe vera and precious plant oils. Lavender oil soothes irritated skin and a nervous mind. Good to know: We have added just the perfect amount of essential lavender oil – the scent is strong enough that it can be perceived by us humans but also subtle enough as to not disturb the sensitive noses of dogs.

The Double-Sided Vegan Brush makes our FANCY FUR gift box complete. The brush has two different sides and is therefore the perfect utensil for grooming different types of fur.


Shampoo Sensitive:Slowly and thoroughly soak the dog’s coat from the paws upwards in the shower or bathtub.
Make sure that the water is not too warm or that the temperature is to the dog’s liking.
Lather the wet coat well with the diluted shampoo. Avoid the face.
Intense Silky & Shine: Massage or comb into the damp coat after washing. The Intense Silky & Shine can be washed out like a conditioner, but can also be left in the coat.
Double-sided dog brush vegan: Brush the coat once a week to once a day with gentle pressure in the direction of coat growth, depending on the dog’s needs and requirements. Ensure that the atmosphere is relaxed.

Fellkur für Hunde von Lila loves it

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In the development and manufacture of our products, it is crucial for us that the raw materials are verifiable effective. Their production and further processing must follow ethical principles. The appreciation of our environment, of all animals and humans is our imperative.

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