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Moor Tonic

The MOOR TONIC is a proven household remedy for flatulence and eating rubbish. Mehr ErfahrenRead more
  • rich in leonardite and humid substances
  • can bind harmful substances
  • hamonises digestion
  • natural and traditional
  • strengthens the immune system
  • helps with flatulence
  • can reduce eating of faces and litter


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Moortonikum für Hunde von Lila loves it

Our MOOR TONIC is purely natural, liquid moor. The tonic is reminiscent of strong coffee and has a light earthy smell. MOOR TONIC can harmonise intestinal activity. It owes this effect to extraordinary substances that have been created by thousands of years of decomposition of a wide variety of plants. The main ingredient is leonardite, which is rich in humic and fulvic acids. These have the ability to bind harmful substances and thus support the body’s own elimination processes – which helps with counteracting the development of flatulence. In addition, it is assumed that dogs instinctively eat rubbish when their organism needs humic substances. Feeding MOOR TONIC can satisfy this need and reduce canine interest in disgusting things.

Supplement feed for dogs
After opening, consume within 6 months.

Ingredients: 100 % sodium humanite / moor extract from natural leonardite.

Analytical constituents: Crude ash 5.0 %, moisture 95.0 %

Feeding Recommendation

MOOR TONIC can be mixed directly into the food. Adult dogs are happy with 1 tsp daily, for small dogs and puppies a ½ tsp a day is sufficient.

Please always provide sufficient fresh water

Moortonikum für Hunde mit Dackelschnauze
  • Magen-Darm-No-1 Pulver für Hunde von Lila loves it zur Unterstützung von Magen und Darm

    Gastrointestinal No. 1

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Natural Food Supplements in Dog Nutrition

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