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Cheese, apples, parsnip, millet, flaxseed. Our crispy CHEESE-GOODIES are vegetarian super treats. Positive reinforcement for food motivated dogs with fine taste. Mehr ErfahrenRead more
  • vegetarian
  • fettarm
  • gluten free
  • high protein
  • exclusively natural ingredients

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mehrere elegante gelbe Metall-Dosen mit Leckerli für Hunde aus Käse liegen auf einer dunklen Decke neben einem Brett mit Käsestücken | LILA LOVES IT "Käse-Goodies"

Cheese cubes are considered super treats or “high value treats” in positive dog training. For those who don’t like to put sticky cheese in their pocket, there are our vegetarian CHEESE-GOODIES. Rich in natural calcium, protein and many vitamins, thanks to parsnip and flaxseed also really good for digestion. Gluten-free millet provides fine nut flavor plus an extra portion of silicic acid. So the CHEESE-GOODIES not only support challenging training goals, but also healthy shiny coat. The perfect reward for all gourmet dogs!

Supplementary food for dogs.

Natural product: Colour of the end product may vary.

All LILA LOVES IT treats are free of preservatives, flavor enhancers, colorings, sweeteners and sugar.

Analytical Ingredients:
Crude protein: 15.9%, crude fat: 5.9%, crude ash: 3.8%, crude fiber: 14.0%, residual moisture: 9%.



Parsnip - a well tolerated vegetable with inulin, that can positively affect digestion.

Parsley root

Parsley root - Parsley roots are a very easily digestible vegetable for dogs. They contain a lot of vitamin C and a good portion of vitamin E, both of which are powerful antioxidants.


Apple dried - apples are rich in vitamins C, biotin, vitamin K and A. Biotin supports the metabolism of your four-legged friend and is essential for coat and claws. Vitamin K keeps blood clotting going and support intestinal motility.

Millet flour

Millet flour - millet is one of the few cereals that do not contain gluten. Therefore, millet varieties are suitable even for food-sensitive dogs and for four-legged friends who suffer from gluten intolerance. The high tolerance makes millet a digestible alternative for other diseases as well.

Linseed press-cake

Linseed press-cake - Linseed is not a grain, which means that intolerances or allergies hardly ever occur. Flaxseeds are a real superfood too. They counteract inflammation and irritation due to their swelling ability and thus improve the absorption of nutrients by the intestines.


Cheese - cheese naturally contains little calories but a lot of calcium, important vitamins such as B2 and B12, in addition, it supports the maintenance of healthy oral flora, helps prevent and reduce tartar formation. At the same time remineralizes the enamel.


Rosehip - Rosehip provides high amounts of vitamin C as well as valuable pectins, which have a positive effect on digestion.

Lavender flowers

Lavender flowers - lavender gently and purely naturally supports the dog's body in stressful times.

Recommendation for feeding

When dog training involves a lot of treats, it may make sense to adjust the amount of regular food. Especially for growing dogs or dogs that tend to be overweight, qualified nutritional advice will help.

Eine elegante gelbe und braune Faltschachtel mit Leckerli für Hunde aus Käse liegt auf einer dunklen Decke neben einem Brett mit Käsestücken, Pastinaken, einem Apfel, Chia-Samen und Beeren und einem | LILA LOVES IT "Käse-Goodies"
  • Veggie-Bowl

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Our recommendation

The VEGGIE BOWL goes particularly well with our cheese goodies – it combines three compatible vegetables with a pinch of vitamin-rich berries to make a tasty addition to the food bowl. The recipe deliberately avoids nutritional additives. Perfect for individualised nutritional concepts.

Rewards are a must

Rewards play an important role in modern dog training. What we humans often ignore: What is a reward is decided by the receiver (dog) and not the sender (human)! So in order to reward our dogs properly, we need to know what they like. Kristina Obermayr, our wonderfully funny and clever and empathetic expert on dog-human relationships, explains why in our magazine.


mehrere elegante gelbe Metall-Dosen mit Leckerli für Hunde aus Käse liegen auf einer dunklen Decke neben einem Brett mit Käsestücken und einem hell-braunen Hund der seinen Kopf angelegt hat | LILA LOVES IT "Käse-Goodies"

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