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Venison, parsnip plus a little dandelion. Local ingredients that taste of fragrant forest and lush meadow. Turn every training session into a true treat. Mehr ErfahrenRead more
  • dried in beech wood smoke
  • Made in Bavaria
  • grainfree
  • supports a social project
  • exclusively natural ingredients

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Leckerlies für Hunde mit Wildfleisch schön verpackt

Our VENISON-GOODIES are very popular with all dogs, especially pointers, dachshunds and co. The meat of deer is considered to be highly digestible. Linseed meal, obtained from the dried seeds of the traditional plant flax, is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and its mucilage promotes healthy digestion.

All our goodies are lovingly packed in the Caritas Brucker Werkstatt for people with disabilities just a few kilometers away from our warehouse. The Brucker Werkstatt is a facility for participation and integration into working life.

Complementary feed for dogs

All LILA LOVES IT treats are free of preservatives, flavor enhancers, colorants, sweeteners and sugar.

Analysis: Crude protein: 51.1 %, crude fat: 18.3 %, Crude ash: 9.9 %, crude fiber: 3.3 %, moisture: 4.8 %



79% Venison & Deer - tasty, sustainable and easy to digest.

Linseed Flour

Linseed flour is not a grain, therefore food intolerances or allergies hardly occur. Ground linseeds are even a real superfood. Due to their swelling capacity and their mucilages nature, flaxseeds counteract intestinal irritation and thus improve nutrient absorption.


Parsnip is a well-tolerated vegetable and rich in inulin, which can have a positive effect on digestion.

Dandelion Leaves

Dried dandelion - Contains valuable bitter substances that stimulate digestion and appetite.


Rosehip provides high amounts of vitamin C as well as valuable pectins, which have a positive effect on digestion.

Apple Crude Fiber

Raw apple fiber is a digestive fiber and tastes great to dogs.

Feeding Recommendation

If you use many treats in training because your dog is food motivated, it may make sense to adjust the sizes of the regular meals. Especially for dogs who are still growing or dogs that tend to be overweight, seeking individual advice from a qualified dog dietician is of great benefit.

Wildfleisch-Goodies mit Regenmantel und Leine
  • Venison with Parsnip

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Our Recommendation

Dogs who love VENSION GOODIES will rave about our wet feed VENISON with PARSNIP. This premium complete feed is produced according to our own recipe in a specialised factory in southern Germany. Highest quality for adult dogs.

Rewarding is a must

Rewards play an important role in modern dog training. What we humans often ignore: What is a reward is decided by the receiver (dog) and not the sender (human)! In order to reward our dogs properly, we need to know what they like. Kristina Obermayr, our wonderfully witty, smart, and empathetic expert on dog-human relationships, explains why in our magazine.


Wildfleisch-Goodies Dose im Wohnzimmerambiente (Umgeben von einer Vase und einem geschlossenen Schachbrett)

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