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The development of our silver cream

When LILA LOVES IT launches a new product, it always has a very special development story to tell. At the beginning there is always the product idea. And before that, there is a problem to be solved with the product. LILA LOVES IT products are so good precisely because they are problem solvers. This also applies to the new SILVER CREAM, which is being launched on the occasion of the company's tenth anniversary.

Microsilver in high demand

The use of high-quality MICROSILVER has already proved very successful in SILVER SPRAY and SILVER SHAMPOO. Unlike nanosilver, MICROSILVER remains on the skin and does not penetrate the cells. This is the best way for the silver to unfold its qualities: In a spray on scratches and small wounds that are still fresh. In the shampoo while massaging in and acting until it is rinsed out after application.

These very good experiences and the knowledge of the capabilities of MICROSILVER have made it clear: A SILVER CREAM is still missing. It stays on the skin longer, provides strong care and is ideal to use. The LILA LOVES IT SILVER CREAM is exactly what can solve many small problems of the dog’s skin in everyday life.

Product development with the highest standards

The very first product, FIRST AID SERUM, was born exactly like this: LILA had repeatedly scratched her ears and there was no balm in sight that could help. The fact that such a remedy was developed is thanks to founder Stefanie Diem, who persistently kept her eye on the ball and finally found a pharmacist who developed FIRST AID Serum together with her in a combination of conventional medical knowledge and natural medical experience.

And so it has been ever since: we solve the problem of keeping dogs’ ears clean gently but effectively. We avoid annoying tick infestations. Our complete food gives our dogs a long and healthy life. Our goodies are healthy and especially tasty.

After the decision to address a specific problem, there is an intensive process until the product is ready to be used. Responsible for the development is the head veterinarian Dr. Stefanie Mallmann. She coordinates and leads the individual development steps as a veterinarian, but also as an MBA: this is the ideal combination of medical competence and development know-how. In addition, Dr Mallmann has researched and developed the product development tool “PIM” as part of her scientific work, which ensures that all steps are of the highest quality from start to finish, i.e. up to the finished product.

Problem solver for the benefit of the dogs

But back to the beginning: Once it has been decided that FINIDORE wants to develop a problem-solving product, a panel of experts comes together to map out ways to solve the problem. Often there are very different approaches that are thought through. From this matrix, one or two particularly good variants usually emerge. These are pursued further and enter the race for the best chances of implementation. The criteria are product quality, the availability of the best raw materials, sustainability, animal welfare, processing possibilities and also the price that the product will ultimately command from customers.

At this point, the colleagues in the purchasing department are also on board, as well as the respective experts for the individual areas: Veterinarians, pharmacists, sustainability experts, ethicists, production experts and packaging specialists. In about 6 months, the first prototypes will be developed, which will then go into the first tests as samples. Of course, there are no animal tests, but analyses, laboratory procedures and – not infrequently – tests in the circle of the developers themselves.

The first samples are then evaluated, adjusted and reduced to one or two top candidates. After two to four test series, one product usually remains, which is then refined and intensively tasted. And so it becomes clear why the development of a new product, if such care is taken for the welfare of the animals, can often take one and a half to two years.

Once these steps have been completed, there is the transition of the recipe to the production of somewhat larger quantities. This is another critical point, because what fits on a small scale can be different on a larger scale.

Once production has been secured, the design is ready to package the product optimally for use – and at FINIDORE and LILA LOVES IT always beautifully too! – packaging.

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Ethics and aesthetics

LILA LOVES IT stands for the fact that quality, ethics and aesthetics are equally justified. Why shouldn’t what is so good also look good?

This is exactly the path that LILA LOVES IT SILVER CREAM has taken. Just in time for the anniversary, this new, innovative top product is being launched on the market. We couldn’t have imagined a better present.

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The information contained in this veterinary article is for general information purposes only. It does not constitute individualised treatment recommendations for a specific animal. It is strongly recommended that you always discuss and clarify any symptoms or illnesses of your pet with a qualified veterinarian.