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Snuffle Mat for Dogs

Sniffing makes happy! Dogs not only explore the world with their noses, but thanks to happiness hormones they experience a feeling of deep satisfaction when sniffing. That’s why there is the SNIFFING CARPET from LILA LOVES IT. Mehr ErfahrenRead more
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56 x 56 cm

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Brauner Hund liegt auf braun-grauem Fransenteppich als Intelligenz Spiezeug für Hunde zum erschnüffeln von Leckerli | LILA LOVES IT "Schnüffelteppich für Hunde"

Dogs can not only smell really good, it is also really fun for them! Because extensive sniffing is essential for the dog’s well-being, there is the SNUFFLE MAT from LILA LOVES IT. Simply hide treats, chopped fruit, vegetables or dry food between the fabric strips – so every place becomes an exciting sniffing playground for dogs in no time. The fabric strips are so long and dense that small treats virtually disappear in the carpet. So long-lasting sniffing fun is guaranteed!

The snuffle mat offers dogs of all ages a species-appropriate workout. Especially in bad weather, in the office, home office, when traveling or when a dog is not very mobile, the sniffing carpet provides need-oriented employment. In dog training, sniffing carpets have proven themselves as a playful reward and signal for the end of training sessions.

The snuffle mat is densely covered with long fabric strips of durable micro-fleece. The material is cuddly soft and the workmanship extra robust. Made for enthusiastic sniffing, digging and rolling.

Washing instructions
Shake out the snuffle mat regularly. Washable in the washing machine at 30 °C. Use detergents without fragrances. Do not use fabric softener. Hang to dry or place on a clothes horse.


Motivating words (“Find the cookies!”) or a prompting ruffle of the fringe with your hand signals to reticent dogs that the sniff rug belongs to them and may be sniffed and ruffled to their heart’s content.

  • Sale! elegante braune und gelbe Faltschachtel steht neben einer gelben Metall-Dose mit Leckerli für Hunde aus Käse mit geöffnetem Deckel und davorliegenden exemplarischen Leckerli auf transparentem Hintergrund | LILA LOVES IT "Käse-Goodies"


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