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Dental Micro Fleece

The convenient micro fleece allows you to clean your dog’s teeth with sensitive tact. Antibacterial thanks to silver ion technology. Mehr ErfahrenRead more
  • antibacterial
  • silver ion technology
  • fits on all fingers of all sizes
  • gentle on the gums


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The DENTAL MICRO FLEECE made of soft, robust micro fleece reliably removes plaque and tartar from the dog’s teeth. Catering to the dog’s preference, teeth and gums can be massaged with two differently textured sides. The advantage over toothbrushes: With the DENTAL MICRO FLEECE, the pressure on teeth and gums can be controlled with outmost precision.
Thanks to its nano-free silver ion technology, the DENTAL MICRO FLEECE binds bacteria and thus increases the effect of toothpaste. Bad breath is reduced. Fits on fingers of all sizes.

Free from chemical additives.


Slip your index finger into the glove. Briefly moisten the tip of the DENTAL MICRO FLEECE. Using light circular movements, clean each tooth from all sides. Afterwards, you can also massage the gums and clean the tongue. Rinse with warm water after each use and allow to dry.
Disinfection by boiling, microwave or steam sterilisation is possible.

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    Liladent Dental-Care Mineral

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Our Recommendation

Our vegan toothpaste LILADENT, developed by veterinarians, cleans thoroughly and tastes great –of course without artificial flavours! Coconut oil, turmeric, and papaya enzyme soften tartar and support the resilience of the oral flora. Effective dental care powered by nature.

Tips for Healthy Dog Teeth

Tartar – in almost all dogs, the nasty plaque sooner accumulates on the teeth. But tartar not only looks bad and leads to foul breath, but it can also cause gingivitis and periodontitis. In the long term, the accretion can even negatively affect the organism and the immune system. For this reason, tartar in dogs should be prevented and treated at an early stage.


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