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Pure rabbit meat

100% lean rabbit meat from free-range animals. The hypoallergenic supplementary food is the first choice for individually calculated feeding plans and elimination diets. Dogs love rabbit! Mehr ErfahrenRead more
  • for exclusion diets
  • 100 % rabbit (free range)
  • single protein
  • without additives
  • hypoallergen
  • low fat
  • BARF alternative

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100 % PURE RABBIT MEAT, nothing else! The recipe for the rabbit variety deliberately contains no nutritional additives. Rabbit meat contains all the amino acids dogs need. As a pure-meat can, the supplementary food PURE RABBIT MEAT is a very suitable meat base in individually composed food rations for food-sensitive dogs.

Rabbit meat is considered hypoallergenic and is one of the rare types of meat for dogs: optimally suited for exclusion diets in cases of suspected food allergies and a sustainable, regional alternative to feeding “exotics”.

For our feed, we exclusively source rabbit meat from free-ranging animals. PURE RABBIT MEAT is the low-fat meat source for dogs of all ages.

Single food for dogs of all ages.

Composition: 100 % rabbit (muscle meat, lungs, heart, liver).

Analytical components:
Crude protein 13 %, crude fat 3 %, crude ash 0.85 %, crude fibre 1.6 %, moisture 79.9 %.


Rabbit meat

100 % rabbit meat from muscles, lungs, heart and liver.

Feeding Recommendation

As an addition to a mixture with fruit, vegetables & carbohydrates, natural oils and minerals.

We recommend a proportionate mix of approx. 60% meat and 40% fruit, vegetables & carbohydrates and a total daily feeding amount of approx. 2-4% of body weight – depending on age, activity, breed and metabolism.

For a balanced diet, feeding as part of a calculated diet plan is recommended by a qualified veterinary nutritionist. Please always provide fresh drinking water. Store in a cool, dry and frost-free place.

  • Rabbit Ears

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Our recommendation

Dried rabbit ears! Crispy, sustainable and honest: RABBIT EARS are pure nibbling fun, especially popular with puppies, dog seniors and a clear recommendation from the little dogs in our office pack.

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