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Gentle ear cleaning for dogs

If a dog has an earache, it is in agony. Regular control, cleaning and treatment of the dog's ears are therefore one of the most important points in the responsibility of the owner.
Demonstration des Reinigungseffektes des Ohrenreiniger für Hunde von Lila Loves it

Indications of acute situations are increased frequent shaking of the dog’s head, but also constant and very intense scratching, during which the dog not infrequently even howls or squeals in pain. If you notice this behaviour in your dog, it is likely that a painful inflammation has already settled in the (inner) ear and there is hardly anything you can do about it yourself. That’s why it is very important to take good care of your dog’s ears.

When does soiling occur?

Dogs that like to play in the water can catch bad diseases here. There are not only bacteria in the water, but also dirt and even parasites. As much fun as bathing, romping and frolicking is for water dogs – afterwards the ears must be dried well and checked for residues and injuries. Once these have been removed and treated, you are much more likely to be on the safe side – you just can’t get into the inner ear yourself to keep it “tidy”. If a four-legged friend rolls extensively in the meadow, contact with mites can also occur here – the more dirt and earwax there is in the dog’s ear, the easier it is for them to settle.

How to clean your dog’s ear?

In principle, cleaning the dog’s ears is a matter of nature. The dog shakes itself from time to time; this shakes earwax and co. out of the ear canal. But in some cases this is not enough; the result: the ear becomes blocked, an airtight space is formed in which a wonderful climate for bacteria is created. In a very short time, this leads to serious inflammation, associated with severe pain and, under certain circumstances, even permanent damage to the animals’ very fine hearing. In 99 percent of all cases, it is sufficient to wipe the dog’s outer ear with a soft, damp cloth after the check and otherwise make sure the skin is dry and clean. If brown, greasy coatings appear, this can already be a first sign of a mite infestation. This means that the ears must now be checked more often and a gentle ear cleaner suitable for dogs must be used according to instructions. If the owner notices redness, fluids coming out of the ear or other signs of inflammation, the dog must go to the vet for treatment with suitable medication or have his ears professionally cleaned at the same time.

Hands off of cotton buds!

As is the case with humans, cotton buds should not be used on the dog’s ear. In the most extreme case, a bend in the cartilage in the outer ear area may still be cleaned out – the cotton bud should stay away from the ear canal in any case! The cotton swab does nothing other than push earwax and dirt, and thus bacteria and other pathogens, into the ear canal. The accumulation of sticky, dirty mass in the ear canal closes it – and then it comes even sooner to the above-described effect of air lock and rampant inflammation. Once again, the cleaning of the inner ear should only be carried out professionally by a veterinarian.

Mite infestation should be treated at any cost!

If a mite infestation does occur, the result is a so-called ear infection. This is associated with an incredibly annoying and agonising itch – including pain from the inflammation and scratching. In this case, the doctor should be consulted as soon as possible, who will carry out the cleaning and prescribe the appropriate medication, which must then be applied regularly over a certain period of time, so that the parasites can be completely removed. In this case, too, the ear cleaner can be used in consultation with the veterinarian according to the instructions, and always before the medication is dripped into the ear again.

Ear Cleanser for dogs without chemicals and alcohol

There are natural substances that are best suited for cleaning ears. The vegan ear cleanser by LilaLovesIt is such a vegan product that cleans soothingly, does not burn, eliminates ear noise in the fine ear (caused by blockages) and keeps the climate in the ear healthy. Rosemary, lactic acid and vegetable surfactants are used for cleaning. Microsilver (disinfecting), zinc (drying) and lavender (soothing) care for the skin of the ear. To keep the ear resistant and well-groomed, the ear cleaner is simply applied regularly. The dog owner drips the recommended amount into the ear and then gives his treasure an appealing ear massage from the outside, gently squeezing the auricle. If there is any dirt in the ear, the dog shakes it out – and the owner simply wipes the outer ear with cotton wool or a soft, damp cloth. Everything is done and the faithful friend is well protected and ready for new adventures.

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