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Anti Itching Set

Combination of SHAMPOO SENSITIVE and MINERAL CARE SPRAY for regular cleaning, care and nourishment of the coat and itchy dog skin, as well as the SILVER SPRAY and SILVER CREAM for targeted use on irritated skin and itchy spots. Mehr ErfahrenRead more
  • 5% discount on our most essential hair care products
  • free from parabens, kerosenes, perfume, PEGs & silicones
  • bottles made of recycled plastic
  • developed by our veterinarian Dr. Stefanie Mallmann


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Braune Shampoo Flasche für Hunde vor einem weißen Fliesenspiegel

Against unpleasant itching: The ANTI-ITCH BUNDLE declares war on itching.

First of all, there is the SHAMPOO SENSITIVE, which cleans thoroughly and cares gently. Sensitive skin is gently cleaned, the special pH value of the dog’s skin is not disturbed.

After cleansing, MINERAL CARE SPRAY provides itchy skin with minerals and moisture.

For acute itching and already scratched or sore areas, the SILVER SPRAY is available for disinfection and spot cleaning, as well as the innovative SILVER CREAM.

SILVER CREAM forms a caring and regenerating film on the skin. It also provides the necessary soothing effect. Due to its high viscosity, SILVER SPRAY removes even small foreign bodies from the skin. The skin flora is protected and can thus recover particularly well.

Practice shows: The ANTI-ITCH BUNDLE is a boon for dogs that often scratch and suffer noticeably from itching.

  • Erste Hilfe Set Box für Hunde in Edelstahldose

    First Aid Box

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Medical Training – Relaxed body care has to be learned

From the beginning, dogs are diligently taught a well-behaved sit, a focused leash walk, and a fun paw give.
But many dogs can’t be relaxed brushing and showering, getting ticks removed, let alone going to the vet or groomer without clamoring. Yet regular grooming and vet visits are part of the basics of a good dog’s life. Fortunately, we dog-loving people are slowly coming to the realization that “medical training” is essential for a relaxed coexistence. In everyday life and for the (hopefully never occurring) emergency.

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Hund beim Tierarzt liebevoll gestreichelt nach Behandlung mit sprühbarer Wundsalbe First Aid Balsam

General questions on the product

When do I use the silver cream, when the silver spray and when the First Aid balm?

Silver spray is used for immediate disinfection of scratches, small cuts or abrasions, is painless and "rinses" or cleanses. In case of acute need, the silver spray should therefore always be the first and quick choice.

The silver cream disinfects with microsilver and forms a protective layer on the skin. The silver cream is ideal for use after the silver spray. It brings the skin flora back into balance and supports skin recovery. The contained MICROSILVER (not nano silver!) ensures that the dog's skin can regenerate particularly well under a protective film as silver. This effect - the QUICK RECOVERY EFFICIENCY EFFECT (QRE) - is optimised by the silver, so the skin is protected and regeneration is accelerated at the same time.

The First Aid Balm soothes dry & irritated skin and intensively moisturises it with hyaluron. It is used to care for very dry, flaky or itchy skin and acts like a highly nourishing and moisturising serum. It can be used for long-term care of stressed or irritated skin.

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