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First Aid Box

The first aid kit for dogs. Indispensable for responsible dog owners. Reliably equipped at home and on the road. Mehr ErfahrenRead more
  • incl. First Aid Ointment
  • incl. Silver Spray
  • bandage material
  • basic equipment


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Metalldose mit Verbandszeug, Silber-Desinfektionsmittel und Wundsalbe kleinen braunen Glasflaschen speziell für Hunde entwickelt liegt auf einer grünen Dekce auf steinigen Nadelwald Boden | LILA LOVES IT "Erste Hilfe Set"

Our FIRST AID BOX is the essential first aid kit for dogs. The convenient, neat tin box holds everything needed to take care of damaged skin. Our innovative Silver Spray minimises the risk of infections by cleaning superficial wounds. The First Aid Ointment regenerates impaired skin thanks to cooling aloe vera and nourishing plant oils. The kit also contains important dressing materials. Our FIRST AID BOX is an indispensable essential for a responsible life with a dog. Perfectly equipped, at home and on the road.





Always clean hands thoroughly before caring for damaged skin. Clean small scratches with Silver Spray. After 30 minutes, apply First Aid Ointment. Always consult a vet for bleeding wounds.

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  • Ohrenreiniger für Hunde mit natürlichen Inhaltsstoffen in brauner Flasche


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Our Recommendation

Many dogs, especially those with long floppy ears, are prone to painful ear infections. To prevent chronic problems, a regular ear cleansing routine is essential. Our Ear Cleanser and Ear Gel cleanse and regenerate the sensitive ear skin with purely natural ingredients. Itching is alleviated and the risk of inflammation minimised. Our Ear Care Set also contains washable cotton pads.

Medical Training – Relaxed Grooming has to be learned

From the very beginning, dogs are diligently taught a well-behaved sit, a focused leash walk and a fun high five. But many dogs can neither relax when brushed or showered, nor have ticks removed – let alone go to the vet or groomer without clamouring. Yet, regular grooming and vet visits are necessary part of every dog’s life. Fortunately, we dog-loving people are slowly realising that medical training is essential for a harmonious relationship. In everyday life and for the (hopefully never occurring) emergency.


Hund in Badewanne zur medizinischen Behandlung zum Beispiel mit dem Erste Hilfe Set für Hunde von LILA LOVES IT

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