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Shampoo & Conditioner Set

Combination of the gentle and thorough SHAMPOO SENSITIVE and the COAT from LILA LOVES IT. Ideal as a coat care combination for dogs of all coat lengths. Mehr ErfahrenRead more
  • 5% discount on our most essential hair care products
  • free from parabens, kerosenes, perfume, PEGs & silicones
  • made of recycled plastic & handmade stainless steel
  • developed by our veterinarian Dr. Stefanie Mallmann


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Braune Shampoo Flasche für Hunde vor einem weißen Fliesenspiegel

The classic coat care combination from LILA LOVES IT: SHAMPOO SENSITIVE & INTENSE SILKY SHINE.

The proven SHAMPOO SENSITIVE cleans the coat particularly gently but thoroughly.

The INTENSE SILKY SHINE cares for the coat with its unique formula. Together, the coat of any length becomes clean and shiny.

Of course, both products are adapted to the special pH value of the dog’s skin and are free of parabens.

This makes coat care in combination a “double pleasure”.

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Medical Training – Relaxed body care has to be learned

From the beginning, dogs are diligently taught a well-behaved sit, a focused leash walk, and a fun paw give.
But many dogs can’t be relaxed brushing and showering, getting ticks removed, let alone going to the vet or groomer without clamoring. Yet regular grooming and vet visits are part of the basics of a good dog’s life. Fortunately, we dog-loving people are slowly coming to the realization that “medical training” is essential for a relaxed coexistence. In everyday life and for the (hopefully never occurring) emergency.

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