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Pure lamb meat

100 % juicy lamb meat from free-range animals. The grain-free supplementary feed is the first choice for individually calculated feeding plans. Pure lamb, nothing else. Mehr ErfahrenRead more
  • for exclusion diets
  • 100 % free range lamb
  • single protein
  • without additives
  • low fat
  • BARF alternative

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Grüne Metall-Dose in elegantem Design für Hundefutter aus Lammfleisch für BARF präsentiert auf auf einem beigen Bast-Hintergrund | LILA LOVES IT "Reinfleisch Lamm"

100 % PURE LAMB MEAT, nothing else! The recipe for the lamb variety deliberately contains no nutritional additives. This makes PURE LAMB MEAT the perfect meat base in individually composed food rations for dogs with sensitive digestion. The pure meat can is suitable for exclusion diets in cases of suspected food allergies. If fresh lamb is not available, e.g. when travelling, PURE LAMB MEAT is a practical alternative to fresh meat in BARF.

For our food we only source lamb from free-range animals (free farming). Free-range lamb is one of the most sustainable sources of meat. PURE LAMB MEAT is the healthy choice for dogs of all ages.

Single food for dogs of all ages.

Composition: 100 % lamb (muscle meat, lungs, heart, liver).

Analytical ingredients:
Crude protein 12.5 %, crude fat 5 %, crude ash 0.86 %, crude fibre 1.6 %, moisture 79.9 %.


Lamb meat

100 % lamb meat from muscles, lungs, heart and liver.

Feeding recommendation

As an addition to a mixture with fruit, vegetables & carbohydrates, natural oils and minerals.

We recommend a proportionate mix of approx. 60 % meat and 40 % fruit, vegetables & carbohydrates and a total daily feeding amount of approx. 2-4 % of body weight – depending on age, activity, breed and metabolism.

For a balanced diet, feeding as part of a calculated diet plan is recommended by a qualified veterinary nutritionist. Please always provide fresh drinking water. Store in a cool, dry and frost-free place.

Neue Reihe Hundefutter für Allergiker mit Lammfleisch, Kaninchenfleisch und Pferdefleisch in elegantem Design aufgereiht auf einem Marmortisch | LILA LOVES IT "Reinfleisch Lamm, Reinfleisch Kaninchen & Reinfleisch Pferd"
  • Lamb Lung Treats

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Our recommendation

Delicious lamb! The LAMB LUNG TREATS made from gently air-dried lamb lung are the ideal fitness snack for dogs. Low in fat, rich in protein and with a relatively soft consistency: A great chew for puppies and older dogs too!

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Grüne Metall-Dose in elegantem Design für Hundefutter aus Lammfleisch für BARF demonstrativ präsentiert in Keramiknapf mit Löffel | LILA LOVES IT "Reinfleisch Lamm"

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