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Lamb Lung Treats

LAMB LUNG TREATS are the ideal fitness snack: low in cholesterol and fat, 100% natural. Perfect for training in and around water, as they float. Mehr ErfahrenRead more
  • Single Protein
  • gently air-dried
  • for overweight dogs
  • for dogs with sensitive stomachs


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Lungenwürfel drapiert auf einem Glaswürfel

Delicious lamb! Our LAMB LUNG TREATS, made from gently air-dried lamb lung, are the ideal fitness snack for dogs. As dried lung floats very well on water, it is an excellent motivation during swimming lessons for dogs who are rather shy of water.
The LAMB LUNG TREATS have a relatively soft consistency and are therefore easy to chew for dogs of all ages. Especially overweight dogs can still receive beloved food rewards thanks to lung cubes lamb, because lung is a low-fat connective tissue. Seniors and puppies also love LAMB LUNG TREATS.

Composition: 100 % lamb lungs in premium quality from animals kept in a species-appropriate manner.

Analytical ingredients: Crude protein: 64.7%, Crude oils and fats: 7.9%, Crude ash: 6.2%, Residual moisture: 2.5%.

Feeding Recommendation

If you use many treats in training because your dog is food motivated, it may make sense to adjust the sizes of the regular meals. Especially for dogs who are still growing or dogs that tend to be overweight, seeking individual advice from a qualified dog dietician is of great benefit.

Depending on the size of the dog, up to 5 pieces per day. Please always provide sufficient fresh drinking water.

Lungenwürfel vom Lamm für Hunde von Lila Loves it
  • Lamb with Sweet Potato

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Our Recommendation

Is your dog very sensitive when it comes to food? Then our sensitive food could be just right for him. It is reduced to a minimum of selected ingredients that are well tolerated by most dogs. LAMB and SWEET POTATO, for example, form the tasty basis of our Sensitive menu. In addition, it contains fibre-rich psyllium husks, which swell up in the intestines and promote normal digestion. Valuable hemp oil with a high proportion of essential fatty acids, eggshell powder as a natural source of calcium and gently dried Irish knotweed from the Atlantic as a source of iodine round off our grain-free sensitive food.

Rewards are a must

Rewards play an important role in modern dog training. What we humans often overlook: What is a reward is decided by the receiver (dog) and not the sender (human)! So to reward our dogs properly, we need to know what they like. Kristina Obermayr, our wonderfully funny, smart and empathetic expert on dog-human relationships, explains why in our magazine.

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